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to be bad for smb's health

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  • bad — I adj. 1) bad for (smoking is bad for your health) 2) bad to + inf. (it s bad to lie) 3) bad that + clause (it s too bad that he was not able to attend the meeting) 4) (misc.) not bad ( quite good ); not half bad ( fairly good ); that s (just)… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • health — n. condition of the body and mind 1) to enjoy good health 2) to promote (good) health 3) to recover, regain one s health 4) to ruin, undermine smb. s health 5) bad, broken, failing, feeble, fragile, frail, ill, poor; delicate; good, robust health …   Combinatory dictionary

  • condition — I n. requirement 1) to impose, set; state, stipulate a condition 2) to accept a condition 3) to fulfill, meet, satisfy a condition 4) an essential condition 5) on condition that + clause; subj. (she will join us on condition that you also be… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • The Twa Sisters — is a murder ballad that recounts the tale of a girl drowned by her sister. It is first known to have appeared on a broadside in 1656 as The Miller and the King s Daughter. At least 21 English variants exist under several names, including Minnorie …   Wikipedia

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