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с русского на английский

to bind smb. to secrecy

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  • bind — I n. trouble dilemma 1) a double bind 2) in a bind II v. 1) (D; tr.) ( to put together ) to bind in (to bind a book in leather) 2) (D; tr.) ( to tie ) to bind to (they bound him to a post) 3) (D; tr.) ( to require ) to bind to (to bind smb. to… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • swear — v. 1) to swear solemnly 2) (B) ( to promise solemnly ) they swore allegiance to the government 3) (D) intr.) ( to curse ) to swear at (he swore at them) 4) (d; intr.) ( to rely completely ) to swear by (everyone swears by her remedy for a cold)… …   Combinatory dictionary

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