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fun person

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  • fun — /fun/, n., v., funned, funning, adj. n. 1. something that provides mirth or amusement: A picnic would be fun. 2. enjoyment or playfulness: She s full of fun. 3. for or in fun, as a joke; not seriously; playfully: His insults were only in fun. 4.… …   Universalium

  • fun — fun1 S2 [fʌn] n [U] [Date: 1600 1700; Origin: fun to play a trick on (17 20 centuries), perhaps from fonne; FOND] 1.) an experience or activity that is very enjoyable and exciting ▪ There s plenty of fun for all the family. ▪ The children were… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • fun — 1 /fVn/ adjective 1 (only before noun) a fun activity or experience is enjoyable: It was a fun night out we ll have to do it again sometime. 2 someone who is fun is enjoyable to be with because they are cheerful and amusing : a fun… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • fun — [[t]fʌ̱n[/t]] ♦♦ 1) N UNCOUNT You refer to an activity or situation as fun if you think it is pleasant and enjoyable and it causes you to feel happy. This year promises to be terrifically good fun... It was such a success and we had so much fun… …   English dictionary

  • fun */*/ — I UK [fʌn] / US noun [uncountable] enjoyment, especially from an activity that is not important or serious have fun: We haven t had such fun for years. great/good fun: We had great fun comparing our baby photographs. a lot of fun/lots of fun: The …   English dictionary

  • fun*/*/ — [fʌn] noun [U] I enjoyment from an activity that is not important or serious I hate to spoil your fun but it s time to go home now.[/ex] We haven t had such fun for years.[/ex] The kids had a lot of fun with that old tent.[/ex] Do come – it ll be …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • fun — I. noun Etymology: English dialect fun to hoax, perhaps alteration of Middle English fonnen, from fonne dupe Date: 1727 1. what provides amusement or enjoyment; specifically playful often boisterous action or speech < full of fun > 2. a mood for… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • fun — /fʌn / (say fun) noun 1. enjoyment or amusement. –verb (i) (funned, funning) 2. Colloquial to act in a joking way. –adjective Colloquial 3. providing enjoyment or entertainment: a fun place to be. 4. lively and entertaining: a fun person. 5.… …  

  • fun — [[t]fʌn[/t]] n. v. funned, fun•ning, 1) something that provides mirth or amusement: A picnic would be fun[/ex] 2) enjoyment or playfulness: She s full of fun[/ex] 3) inf Informal. to joke; kid 4) inf Informal. providing pleasure or amusement;… …   From formal English to slang

  • fun — 1. adjective /fʌn/ a) enjoyable, amusing. We had a fun time at the party. b) whimsical, flamboyant He is such a fun person to be with. 2 …   Wiktionary

  • Fun House (UK game show) — Fun House Opening title Format Children s Game show Created by Bob Synes Presented by …   Wikipedia

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