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one-byte command

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  • Command and Data modes (modem) — Command and Data modes refer to the two modes in which a computer modem may operate. These modes are defined in the Hayes command set, which is the de facto standard for all modems. These modes exist because there is only one channel of… …   Wikipedia

  • Voice modem command set — Main article: Modem Voice modem is a term commonly used to describe an analog telephone data modem with a built in capability of transmitting and receiving voice recordings over the phone line. Voice modems are used for telephony and answering… …   Wikipedia

  • SCSI command — In SCSI computer storage, a command is the basic unit of communication. The SCSI command architecture was originally defined for parallel SCSI buses but has been carried forward with minimal change for use with Fibre Channel, iSCSI and Serial… …   Wikipedia

  • Sky-Byte — (Gelshark in Japan) is the name of a fictional character in the various Transformers universes.Transformers: Robots in DisguiseTransformers character name =Sky Byte japanname =Gelshark caption =Predacon Officer Sky Byte affiliation =Predacon… …   Wikipedia

  • SCSI Mode Select Command — The SCSI Mode Select command is used to modify device information contained in mode pages in a SCSI target device. There are two different versions of the command, a 6 byte version and a 10 byte version.The CDB structure for the Mode Select(6)… …   Wikipedia

  • Bug-Byte — Software Ltd. was a company founded in 1980 by Tony Baden and Tony Milner, two Oxford chemistry graduates, and was one of the first to develop a range of 8 bit computer games during the early 1980s, for the Sinclair, Commodore and other home… …   Wikipedia

  • SCSI Format Unit Command — The SCSI Format Unit command is used to format a SCSI target device into LBAs. Defect management options can be specified in the CDB. This command can take a very long time to complete, typically one or more hours.The CDB structure is:The special …   Wikipedia

  • SCSI Inquiry Command — The SCSI Inquiry command is used to obtain basic information from a target device. The CDB structure is:If the EVPD parameter bit is zero and the Page Code parameter byte is zero then the target will return the standard inquiry data which is… …   Wikipedia

  • PCI Configuration Space — One of the major improvements Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) had over other I/O architectures was its configuration mechanism. In addition to the normal memory mapped and port spaces, each device on the bus has a configuration space.… …   Wikipedia

  • SHX fonts — AutoCAD font and shape files (SHX) are compiled from shape definition files (SHP). You can create or modify shape definition files with a text editor or word processor that saves files in ASCII format. The syntax of the shape description for each …   Wikipedia

  • BSAVE (graphics image format) — A BSAVE Image (aka BSAVED Image ) as it is referenced in a graphics program is an image file format created usually by saving raw video memory to disk (sometimes but not always in a BASIC program using the BSAVE command).cite web|url = http://www …   Wikipedia

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