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third degree burns

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  • third degree burns — harming the skin due to exposure to excessive heat at the third level …   English contemporary dictionary

  • third-degree — 1) ADJ: ADJ n Third degree burns are very severe, destroying tissue under the skin. He suffered third degree burns over 98 per cent of his body. 2) N SING: usu the N If you say that someone has been given the third degree, you mean that they have …   English dictionary

  • third-degree — /ˈθɜd dəgri / (say therd duhgree) adjective of a degree which is at the extreme end of a scale, either as the lowest (third degree murder) or the highest (third degree burns) …  

  • third degree — intense interrogation by police, 1900, probably a reference to Third Degree of master mason in Freemasonry (1772), the conferring of which included an interrogation ceremony. Third degree as a measure of severity of burns (most severe) is… …   Etymology dictionary

  • third-degree — ► ADJECTIVE 1) (of burns) being of the most severe kind, affecting tissue below the skin. 2) Law, chiefly N. Amer. (of a crime, especially murder) in the least serious category. ► NOUN (the third degree) ▪ long and harsh questioning to obtain… …   English terms dictionary

  • second degree burns — serious scalding of the skin, burns of medium severity, burns ranking between first and third degree burns …   English contemporary dictionary

  • third degree —    police violence to extract information    Probably from the scale of seriousness of burns, of which the third degree is the worst.    Also as third:     A veritable catalogue of police third degree methods is contained in a recent (February… …   How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms

  • third-degree — adjective a) The least severe cases of murder, burglary or various other felonies. He was recently convicted of third degree manslaughter because of his drunken driving accident. b) Causing severe scarring, loss of epidermis, subcutaneous tissue… …   Wiktionary

  • third-degree — adjective 1》 denoting burns of the most severe kind, affecting tissue below the skin. 2》 Law, N. Amer. denoting the least serious category of a crime, especially murder. noun (the third degree) long and harsh questioning to obtain information or… …   English new terms dictionary

  • Burns — The treatment of burns depends on the depth, area and location of the burn. Burn depth is generally categorized as first, second or third degree. A first degree burn is superficial and has similar characteristics to a typical sun burn. The skin… …   Medical dictionary

  • degree — [di grē′] n. [ME degre < OFr degré, degree, step, rank < VL * degradus < degradare: see DEGRADE] 1. any of the successive steps or stages in a process or series 2. a step in the direct line of descent [a cousin in the second degree] 3.… …   English World dictionary

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