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treaty of alliance

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  • Treaty of Alliance (1778) — Infobox Military Conflict conflict=American Revolutionary War caption=Clockwise from top left: Battle of Bunker Hill, Death of Montgomery at Quebec, Battle of Cowpens, Moonlight Battle date=1775–1783 place=Eastern North America (present day… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Dunkirk — Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Assistance between the United Kingdom and France Type Mutual defence treaty Signed 4 March 1947 Location Dunkirk, France Effective 8 September 1947 Parties France and the United Kingdom Languages English and …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty — Trea ty, n.; pl. {Treaties}. [OE. tretee, F. trait[ e], LL. tractatus; cf. L. tractatus a handling, treatment, consultation, tractate. See {Treat}, and cf. {Tractate}.] 1. The act of treating for the adjustment of differences, as for forming an… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Alliance franco-américaine — Image de gauche: Drapeau de la France avant 1789. Image de droite: Drapeau des États Unis de 1777 à 1795. L …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Treaty of Amity and Commerce (USA-France) — The Treaty of Amity and Commerce (also known as the Treaty of Amity and Commerce Between the United States and France), along with its sister document the Treaty of Alliance, was one of two treaties signed on February 6, 1778 in Paris, France… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Fort Pitt — The Treaty of Fort Pitt also known as the Treaty With the Delawares, the Delaware Treaty, or the Fourth Treaty of Pittsburgh,[1] was signed on September 17, 1778 and was the first written treaty between the new United States of America and any… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Fort Pitt (1778) — The Treaty of Fort Pitt, also known as theTreaty With the Delawares or the Fourth Treaty of Pittsburgh, [Randolph C. Downes, Council Fires on the Upper Ohio: A Narrative of Indian Affairs in the Upper Ohio Valley until 1795 (Pittsburgh:… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Paris (1810) — The Treaty of Paris, signed on January 6, 1810, ended the war between France and Sweden after Sweden s defeat by Russia, an ally of France, in the Finnish War of 1808 1809. Russia had previously been an ally of Sweden in the Third and Fourth… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Guarantee — The Treaty of Guarantee is a treaty between the Republic of Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland promulgated in 1960. Article I bans Cyprus from participating in any political union or economic union …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Bucharest — Five peace treaties were signed in Bucharest:# Treaty of Bucharest (1812) May 28 1812, at the end of the Russian Turkish war, Romania loses Bessarabia # Treaty of Bucharest (1886) March 3 1886, at the end of the war between Serbia and Bulgaria #… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Versailles (1787) — For other treaties of the same name, see Treaty of Versailles The Versailles Treaty of 1787 (French: Traité de Versailles de 1787 ) was a treaty of alliance signed between the French king Louis XVI and the Vietnamese Prince Nguyễn Ánh, the future …   Wikipedia

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