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  • 1 sign

    1. चिह्न
    (+, -, /,x६) Mathematics is a game of signs.
    Chinese people bow their heads as a sign of respect.
    Your zodiac sign is excellent for this month.
    2. चेतावनी सूचक
    After avoiding lot of signs he arrived at his destination.
    3. भाव मुद्रा
    Signs on his face were full of sorrow.
    1. हस्ताक्षर करना
    The painting is not signed so we don't know whose it is.

    English-Hindi dictionary > sign

  • 2 sign language

    1. इंगित भाषा
    Sign language has proved, excellent for handicapped.

    English-Hindi dictionary > sign language

  • 3 sign-post

    1. मार्गपट्ट
    On reaching the next crossroad look for a yellow sign-post with the street name on it.

    English-Hindi dictionary > sign-post

  • 4 sign on/up

    1. कार्य केलिये संझोता करना
    He signed up for forthcoming film.

    English-Hindi dictionary > sign on/up

  • 5 read

    1. पढ़ना
    We should teach children how to read and write.
    He read a story to us.
    I read about the train accident in today's paper.
    2. समझना
    A driver must be able to read traffic signs.
    3. अध्ययन\readकरना
    He is reading for a mathematics degree at Oxford.
    4. देखना
    I offered my hand to the astrologer to read it.
    5. दिखाना
    The meter reads 4895 units.
    6. अर्थ\readरखना
    The sign reads,'Keep Left'.

    English-Hindi dictionary > read

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