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  • 1 games

    noun plural (an athletic competition, sometimes with other sports: the Olympic Games.) hry
    * * *
    • hry

    English-Czech dictionary > games

  • 2 fun and games

    (activities that are good fun: But I have to warn you, this job is not all fun and games!) legrace
    * * *
    • vzrušení

    English-Czech dictionary > fun and games

  • 3 mind games

    • hry mysli

    English-Czech dictionary > mind games

  • 4 play games

    • hrát si

    English-Czech dictionary > play games

  • 5 game

    [ɡeim] 1. noun
    1) (an enjoyable activity, which eg children play: a game of pretending.) hra
    2) (a competitive form of activity, with rules: Football, tennis and chess are games.) hra
    3) (a match or part of a match: a game of tennis; winning (by) three games to one.) zápas, partie
    4) ((the flesh of) certain birds and animals which are killed for sport: He's very fond of game; ( also adjective) a game bird.) lovná zvěř a ptactvo; lovný
    2. adjective
    (brave; willing; ready: a game old guy; game for anything.) statečný, odhodlaný
    - games
    - gamekeeper
    - game point
    - game reserve
    - game warden
    - the game is up
    * * *
    • utkání
    • zápas
    • partie
    • hra
    • hříčka
    • chromý

    English-Czech dictionary > game

  • 6 club

    1. noun
    1) (a heavy stick etc used as a weapon.) kyj
    2) (a bat or stick used in certain games (especially golf): Which club will you use?) hůl, hokejka
    3) (a number of people meeting for study, pleasure, games etc: the local tennis club.) klub
    4) (the place where these people meet: He goes to the club every Friday.) klub
    5) (one of the playing-cards of the suit clubs.) křížová karta
    2. verb
    (to beat or strike with a club: They clubbed him to death.) (u)bít (kyjem, klackem)
    * * *
    • utlouci
    • obušek
    • palice
    • hůl
    • kyj
    • klub
    • klacek
    • bít

    English-Czech dictionary > club

  • 7 alley

    1) ((often alleyway) a narrow street in a city etc (usually not wide enough for vehicles).) ulička
    2) (a long narrow area used for the games of bowling or skittles: a bowling alley.) dráha (pro kuželky apod.)
    * * *
    • ulička
    • cesta

    English-Czech dictionary > alley

  • 8 athlete

    (a person who is good at sport, especially running, jumping etc: Hundreds of athletes took part in the games.) atlet
    - athletics
    * * *
    • sportovec
    • atlet
    • borec

    English-Czech dictionary > athlete

  • 9 attack

    [ə'tæk] 1. verb
    1) (to make a sudden, violent attempt to hurt or damage: He attacked me with a knife; The village was attacked from the air.) napadnout
    2) (to speak or write against: The Prime Minister's policy was attacked in the newspapers.) napadnout
    3) ((in games) to attempt to score a goal.) zaútočit
    4) (to make a vigorous start on: It's time we attacked that pile of work.) pustit se do
    2. noun
    1) (an act or the action of attacking: The brutal attack killed the old man; They made an air attack on the town.) přepadení, útok, nálet
    2) (a sudden bout of illness: heart attack; an attack of 'flu.) záchvat
    * * *
    • útočit
    • útok
    • přepadnout
    • napadat
    • napadnout

    English-Czech dictionary > attack

  • 10 ball

    I 1. [bo:l] noun
    1) (anything roughly round in shape: a ball of wool.) koule, klubko
    2) (a round object used in games: a tennis ball.) míč
    3) (balls (plural) (slang) testicles.) koule (varlata)
    - ballcock
    - ballpoint
    2. adjective
    a ballpoint pen.) kuličkový
    - start/set
    - keep the ball rolling
    II 1. [bo:l]
    (a formal dance: a ball at the palace.) ples
    2. adjective
    ballroom dancing.) společenský
    * * *
    • vylévat vodu
    • záruka
    • ples
    • koule
    • kulička
    • kauce
    • míč
    • bál

    English-Czech dictionary > ball

  • 11 call

    [ko:l] 1. verb
    1) (to give a name to: My name is Alexander but I'm called Sandy by my friends) pojmenovat, nazývat
    2) (to regard (something) as: I saw you turn that card over - I call that cheating.) nazývat
    3) (to speak loudly (to someone) to attract attention etc: Call everyone over here; She called louder so as to get his attention.) svolat; křičet
    4) (to summon; to ask (someone) to come (by letter, telephone etc): They called him for an interview for the job; He called a doctor.) vyzvat, přivolat
    5) (to make a visit: I shall call at your house this evening; You were out when I called.) navštívit
    6) (to telephone: I'll call you at 6 p.m.) zavolat
    7) ((in card games) to bid.) (vy)hlásit
    2. noun
    1) (an exclamation or shout: a call for help.) volání
    2) (the song of a bird: the call of a blackbird.) ptačí volání
    3) (a (usually short) visit: The teacher made a call on the boy's parents.) krátká návštěva
    4) (the act of calling on the telephone: I've just had a call from the police.) telefonický hovor
    5) ((usually with the) attraction: the call of the sea.) volání
    6) (a demand: There's less call for coachmen nowadays.) poptávka
    7) (a need or reason: You've no call to say such things!) důvod, oprávnění
    - calling
    - call-box
    - call for
    - call off
    - call on
    - call up
    - give someone a call
    - give a call
    - on call
    * * *
    • upomínka
    • vyvolávat
    • výzva
    • vyzvat
    • volání
    • volat
    • zavolat
    • zavolání
    • zvolat
    • povolat
    • telefonický hovor
    • svolat
    • hovor
    • jmenovat
    • návštěva
    • nazývat
    • navštívit
    • nazvat

    English-Czech dictionary > call

  • 12 card

    1) (thick paper or thin board: shapes cut out from card.) karton
    2) ((also playing card) a small piece of such paper etc with designs, used in playing certain games: a pack of cards.) karta
    3) (a similar object used for eg sending greetings, showing membership of an organization, storing information etc: a birthday card; a membership card; a business card.) přání, průkazka, navštívenka
    - cardboard
    * * *
    • karta

    English-Czech dictionary > card

  • 13 champion

    [' æmpiən] 1. noun
    1) (in games, competitions etc, a competitor who has defeated all others: this year's golf champion; ( also adjective) a champion boxer.) šampión
    2) (a person who defends a cause: a champion of human rights.) bojovník (za)
    2. verb
    (to defend or support: He championed the cause of human rights for many years.) bojovat (za)
    * * *
    • přeborník
    • šampión
    • borec

    English-Czech dictionary > champion

  • 14 counter

    I see count II 0. noun
    (a token used in numbering or playing certain games; counters for playing ludo etc.) žeton
    II 1. adverb
    ((with to) in the opposite direction or manner to: The election is running counter to the forecasts.) proti, v rozporu (s)
    2. verb
    (to meet or answer (a stroke or move etc by another): He successfully countered all criticisms.) čelit
    III noun
    (a kind of table or surface on which goods are laid: Can you get me some sweets from the confectionery counter?) pult
    * * *
    • pult

    English-Czech dictionary > counter

  • 15 court

    [ko:t] 1. noun
    1) (a place where legal cases are heard: a magistrates' court; the High Court.) soud
    2) (the judges and officials of a legal court: The accused is to appear before the court on Friday.) soud
    3) (a marked-out space for certain games: a tennis-court; a squash court.) kurt
    4) (the officials, councillors etc of a king or queen: the court of King James.) dvůr
    5) (the palace of a king or queen: Hampton Court.) palác
    6) (an open space surrounded by houses or by the parts of one house.) dvůr
    2. verb
    1) (to try to win the love of; to woo.) dvořit se
    2) (to try to gain (admiration etc).) usilovat (o)
    3) (to seem to be deliberately risking (disaster etc).) přivolávat, vyprovokovat
    - courtly
    - courtliness
    - courtship
    - courthouse
    - court-martial
    - courtyard
    * * *
    • sál
    • soud
    • soudní
    • kurt
    • dvůr
    • dvorec

    English-Czech dictionary > court

  • 16 coverage

    1) (the amount of protection given by insurance: insurance coverage.) krytí
    2) (the extent of the inclusion of items in a news report etc: The TV coverage of the Olympic Games was extensive.) zpravodajství
    * * *
    • zaměření
    • zpravodajství
    • pole působnosti
    • pokrytí
    • rozsah
    • dosah

    English-Czech dictionary > coverage

  • 17 field

    [fi:ld] 1. noun
    1) (a piece of land enclosed for growing crops, keeping animals etc: Our house is surrounded by fields.) pole
    2) (a wide area: playing fields (= an area for games, sports etc).) hřiště
    3) (a piece of land etc where minerals or other natural resources are found: an oil-field; a coalfield.) naleziště
    4) (an area of knowledge, interest, study etc: in the fields of literature/economic development; her main fields of interest.) oblast
    5) (an area affected, covered or included by something: a magnetic field; in his field of vision.) pole
    6) (an area of battle: the field of Waterloo; ( also adjective) a field-gun.) bitevní pole
    2. verb
    ((in cricket, basketball etc) to catch (the ball) and return it.) chytit a vrátit
    - fieldwork
    * * *
    • polní
    • pole
    • role
    • těleso
    • obor
    • oblast
    • lán
    • bojiště

    English-Czech dictionary > field

  • 18 forfeit

    ['fo:fit] 1. noun
    (something that must be given up because one has done something wrong, especially in games: If you lose the game you will have to pay a forfeit.) pokuta
    2. verb
    (to lose (something) because one has done something wrong: He forfeited our respect by telling lies.) ztratit
    3. adjective
    (forfeited: His former rights are forfeit now.) propadlý; ztracený
    * * *
    • zástava
    • pozbytí něčeho
    • propadnutí

    English-Czech dictionary > forfeit

  • 19 forward

    ['fo:wəd] 1. adjective
    1) (moving on; advancing: a forward movement.) kupředu, vpřed
    2) (at or near the front: The forward part of a ship is called the `bows'.) přední
    2. adverb
    1) ((also forwards) moving towards the front: A pendulum swings backward(s) and forward(s).) vpřed
    2) (to a later time: from this time forward.) od nynějška
    3. noun
    ((in certain team games, eg football, hockey) a player in a forward position.) útočník
    4. verb
    (to send (letters etc) on to another address: I have asked the post office to forward my mail.) odeslat
    * * *
    • uspíšit
    • útočník
    • vpřed
    • postoupit
    • odeslat
    • drzý
    • dopředu

    English-Czech dictionary > forward

  • 20 foursome

    noun (a group of four people, especially for playing games, eg golf: We'll play in a foursome.) čtveřice
    * * *
    • čtveřice

    English-Czech dictionary > foursome

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