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  • 1 check

    [ ek] 1. verb
    1) (to see if something (eg a sum) is correct or accurate: Will you check my addition?) athuga
    2) (to see if something (eg a machine) is in good condition or working properly: Have you checked the engine (over)?) athuga, fara yfir, prófa
    3) (to hold back; to stop: We've checked the flow of water from the burst pipe.) stöðva
    2. noun
    1) (an act of testing or checking.) prófun
    2) (something which prevents or holds back: a check on imports.) hafa hemil á
    3) (in chess, a position in which the king is attacked: He put his opponent's king in check.) skák
    4) (a pattern of squares: I like the red check on that material.) reitur, kafli
    5) (a ticket received in return for handing in baggage etc.) geymslumiði
    6) ((especially American) a bill: The check please, waiter!) reikningur
    7) ((American) a cheque.) ávísun, tékki
    - checkbook
    - check-in
    - checkmate
    3. verb
    (to put (an opponent's king) in this position.) máta
    - checkpoint
    - check-up
    - check in
    - check out
    - check up on
    - check up

    English-Icelandic dictionary > check

  • 2 check-in

    1) (the place where passengers show travel documents at an airport or seaport: the check-in desk; (American) the check-in counter.)
    2) (the process of checking in at an airport etc.)

    English-Icelandic dictionary > check-in

  • 3 check-up

    noun (a medical examination to discover the state of a person's health: my annual check-up.) læknisskoðun

    English-Icelandic dictionary > check-up

  • 4 check in

    (to register at a hotel as a guest or at an airport as a passenger: We checked in last night.) skrá sig inn

    English-Icelandic dictionary > check in

  • 5 check up (on)

    (to investigate to see if (someone or something) is reliable, honest, true etc: Have you been checking up on me?) fylgjast með; rannsaka

    English-Icelandic dictionary > check up (on)

  • 6 check up (on)

    (to investigate to see if (someone or something) is reliable, honest, true etc: Have you been checking up on me?) fylgjast með; rannsaka

    English-Icelandic dictionary > check up (on)

  • 7 check out

    1) (to leave (a hotel), paying one's bill etc: You must check out before 12 o'clock.) skrá sig út
    2) ((especially American) to test: I'll check out your story.) skoða; sannprófa

    English-Icelandic dictionary > check out

  • 8 double-check

    verb (to check something again: double-check the results of the experiment.)

    English-Icelandic dictionary > double-check

  • 9 rain check: take a rain check

    ((American) (to ask) to do something at a later time: Thanks for inviting me to dinner, but can I take a rain check on it?)

    English-Icelandic dictionary > rain check: take a rain check

  • 10 spot check

    (an inspection made without warning, especially on items chosen at random from a group: We only found out about the flaw during a spot check on goods leaving the factory.) stikkprufa, handahófskönnun

    English-Icelandic dictionary > spot check

  • 11 rain

    [rein] 1. noun
    1) (water falling from the clouds in liquid drops: We've had a lot of rain today; walking in the rain; We had flooding because of last week's heavy rains.) rigning
    2) (a great number of things falling like rain: a rain of arrows.) drífa
    2. verb
    1) ((only with it as subject) to cause rain to fall: I think it will rain today.) rigna
    2) (to (cause to) fall like rain: Arrows rained down on the soldiers.) láta rigna yfir e-n
    - raininess
    - rainbow
    - rain check: take a rain check
    - raincoat
    - raindrop
    - rainfall
    - rain forest
    - rain-gauge
    - keep
    - save for a rainy day
    - rain cats and dogs
    - the rains
    - as right as rain
    - right as rain

    English-Icelandic dictionary > rain

  • 12 a shot in the dark

    (a guess based on little or no information: The detective admitted that his decision to check the factory had just been a shot in the dark.) tilviljun; ágiskun byggð á litlum/engum upplÿsingum

    English-Icelandic dictionary > a shot in the dark

  • 13 all/just the same

    (nevertheless: I'm sure I locked the door, but, all the same, I think I'll go and check.) samt sem áður

    English-Icelandic dictionary > all/just the same

  • 14 checked

    adjective (having a pattern of check: She wore a checked skirt; Is the material checked or striped?) köflóttur

    English-Icelandic dictionary > checked

  • 15 clamp down

    ( with on) (to check or control strictly.) herða eftirlit; beita reglum af hörku

    English-Icelandic dictionary > clamp down

  • 16 countdown

    noun ((used originally of a rocket) a counting backwards to check the time remaining until the beginning of an event, regarded as zero: It's five minutes to countdown.) niðurtalning

    English-Icelandic dictionary > countdown

  • 17 cross-examine

    verb (in a court of law, to test or check the previous evidence of (a witness) by questioning him.) gagnprófa

    English-Icelandic dictionary > cross-examine

  • 18 crosscheck

    verb (to check information, calculations etc by using different sources or a different method.)

    English-Icelandic dictionary > crosscheck

  • 19 double

    1. adjective
    1) (of twice the (usual) weight, size etc: A double whisky, please.) tvöfaldur
    2) (two of a sort together or occurring in pairs: double doors.) tvöfaldur, tvískiptur
    3) (consisting of two parts or layers: a double thickness of paper; a double meaning.) tvöfaldur
    4) (for two people: a double bed.) fyrir tvo
    2. adverb
    1) (twice: I gave her double the usual quantity.) tvisvar sinnum
    2) (in two: The coat had been folded double.) í tvennt; brotinn saman
    3. noun
    1) (a double quantity: Whatever the women earn, the men earn double.) tvöfalt magn
    2) (someone who is exactly like another: He is my father's double.) tvífari
    4. verb
    1) (to (cause to) become twice as large or numerous: He doubled his income in three years; Road accidents have doubled since 1960.) tvöfalda(st)
    2) (to have two jobs or uses: This sofa doubles as a bed.) gegna tvöföldu hlutverki
    - double agent
    - double bass
    - double-bedded
    - double-check
    - double-cross
    - double-dealing
    5. adjective
    (cheating: You double-dealing liar!) svikull, undirförull
    6. adjective
    a double-decker bus.) tvílyftur, tvíþilja
    - double figures
    - double-quick
    - at the double
    - double back
    - double up
    - see double

    English-Icelandic dictionary > double

  • 20 examine

    1) (to look at closely; to inspect closely: They examined the animal tracks and decided that they were those of a fox.) athuga, skoða, kanna
    2) ((of a doctor) to inspect the body of thoroughly to check for disease etc: The doctor examined the child and said she was healthy.) skoða, athuga
    3) (to consider carefully: The police must examine the facts.) rannsaka
    4) (to test the knowledge or ability of (students etc): She examines pupils in mathematics.) prófa
    5) (to question: The lawyer examined the witness in the court case.) prófa, yfirheyra
    - examiner

    English-Icelandic dictionary > examine

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