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acoustic reference level

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  • level — 1. Any rank, position, or status in a graded scale of values. 2. A test for determining such rank or position. acoustic reference l. the biological reference l. for sound measurements. When the term decibel is used to …   Medical dictionary

  • Level sensor — Level sensors are used to detect liquid level. The liquid to be measured can be inside a container or can be in its natural form (e.g. a river or a lake). The level measurement can be either continuous or point values. Continuous level sensors… …   Wikipedia

  • Level — F/A/V The ratio of an acoustic quantity to a reference quantity. A measurement of amplitude in decibels. (Acoustics) A&V • The intensity of an electrical signal. • In routing switchers, an independently controllable stratum of signals within a… …   Audio and video glossary

  • Sound power level — or acoustic power level is a logarithmic measure of the sound power in comparison to a specified reference level.The sound power level of a signal with sound power W is [ [http://hep.physics.indiana.edu/ rickv/Sound intensity.html Sound Power,… …   Wikipedia

  • Sound intensity level — or acoustic intensity level is a logarithmic measure of the sound intensity in comparison to the reference level of 0 dB (decibels).The measure of a ratio of two sound intensities is:L mathrm{J}=10, log {10}left(frac{J 1}{J 0} ight) mathrm{dB}… …   Wikipedia

  • Sound level meter — Type 1 Sound Level Meter (Shown: Svantek 979) Sound level meters measure sound pressure level and are commonly used in noise pollution studies for the quantification of almost any noise, but especially for industrial, environmental and aircraft… …   Wikipedia

  • Line level — is a term used to denote the strength of an audio signal used to transmit analog sound information between audio components such as CD and DVD players, TVs, audio amplifiers, and mixing consoles, and sometimes MP3 players. In contrast to line… …   Wikipedia

  • Sea level — For the sea level change associated with the current episode of global warming, see current sea level rise. For other uses, see Sea level (disambiguation). This marker indicating the sea level is placed on the path from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea …   Wikipedia

  • Current sea level rise — This article is about the current and future rise in sea level associated with global warming. For sea level changes in Earth s history, see Sea level#Changes through geologic time. Sea level measurements from 23 long tide gauge records in… …   Wikipedia

  • эталонный уровень акустики — Уровень акустики в эталонной точке искусственного рта, приводящий к значению на выходе цифрового интерфейса = минус 10 дБм0 (МСЭ Т P.10/ G.100). [http://www.iks media.ru/glossary/index.html?glossid=2400324] Тематики электросвязь, основные понятия …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • Sound pressure — Sound measurements Sound pressure p, SPL Particle velocity v, SVL Particle displacement ξ Sound intensity I, SIL Sound power Pac Sound power level SWL Sound energy Sound energy d …   Wikipedia

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