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  • Wrathful — Wrath ful, a. 1. Full of wrath; very angry; greatly incensed; ireful; passionate; as, a wrathful man. [1913 Webster] 2. Springing from, or expressing, wrath; as, a wrathful countenance. Wrathful passions. Sprat. [1913 Webster] Syn: Furious;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • wrathful — (adj.) c.1300, from WRATH (Cf. wrath) + FUL (Cf. ful). Related: Wrathfully …   Etymology dictionary

  • wrathful — irate, indignant, *angry, mad, wroth, acrimonious Analogous words: infuriated, incensed, enraged (see ANGER vb) Contrasted words: *forbearing, tolerant, clement, lenient, indulgent, merciful …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • wrathful — [adj] very angry beside oneself, displeased, enraged, furious, heated, incensed, indignant, infuriated, irate, ireful, mad, on the warpath*, raging, storming; concept 403 Ant. happy, pleased …   New thesaurus

  • wrathful — ► ADJECTIVE literary ▪ full of or characterized by intense anger. DERIVATIVES wrathfully adverb …   English terms dictionary

  • wrathful — [rathfəl, räthfəl] adj. 1. full of wrath; intensely angry 2. resulting from, characterized by, or expressing wrath wrathfully adv. wrathfulness n …   English World dictionary

  • wrathful — wrathfully, adv. wrathfulness, n. /rath feuhl, rahth / or, esp. Brit., /rawth /, adj. 1. very angry; ireful; full of wrath: They trembled before the wrathful queen. 2. characterized by or showing wrath: wrathful words. [1250 1300; ME; see WRATH,… …   Universalium

  • wrathful — wrath, wrathful, wroth Wrath is an archaic or literary noun meaning ‘anger’, and is pronounced rawth or roth, or in AmE rath. Wrathful is the corresponding adjective meaning ‘angry’. Wroth is also an adjective, and is always used predicatively, i …   Modern English usage

  • wrathful — wrath•ful [[t]ˈræθ fəl, ˈrɑθ [/t]] esp. brit. [[t]ˈrɔθ [/t]] adj. 1) extremely angry; enraged 2) characterized by or showing wrath: wrathful words[/ex] • Etymology: 1250–1300 wrath′ful•ly, adv. wrath′ful•ness, n …   From formal English to slang

  • wrathful — /ˈrɒθfəl/ (say rothfuhl) adjective 1. full of wrath, very angry, or ireful. 2. characterised by or showing wrath: wrathful words. –wrathfully, adverb –wrathfulness, noun …  

  • Wrathful deities — In Buddhism, wrathful deities are enlightened beings that take on wrathful forms in order to lead sentient beings to enlightenment. They are a notable feature of the iconography of Mahayana Buddhism and of Tibetan Buddhism, and other Vajrayana… …   Wikipedia

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