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opportunity (noun)

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  • opportunity — ► NOUN (pl. opportunities) 1) a favourable time or set of circumstances for doing something. 2) a career opening: job opportunities …   English terms dictionary

  • opportunity — op‧por‧tu‧ni‧ty [ˌɒpəˈtjuːnti ǁ ˌɑːpərˈtuː ] noun opportunities PLURALFORM [countable] a chance for you to do something successfully: • This is an excellent career opportunity for a recent graduate. • In order to make money, you will need to… …   Financial and business terms

  • opportunity shop — noun (Aust and NZ) A charity shop (often shortened to op shop) • • • Main Entry: ↑opportune * * * opportunity shop UK US noun [countable] [singular opportunity shop …   Useful english dictionary

  • opportunity — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ ample, considerable, plenty of ▪ We ll have plenty of opportunity to talk later. ▪ limited, little, not much ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • opportunity — The expressions have (or take, etc.) the (or an, every, etc.) opportunity are followed either by a to infinitive or by of + verbal noun: • I was eager to snatch at every opportunity to get myself established as a writer, film maker, what have you …   Modern English usage

  • opportunity — noun 1 (C, U) a chance to do something or an occasion when it is easy for you to do something: I just thought it was too good an opportunity to miss. | opportunity to do sth: You have had plenty of opportunity to observe our way of doing things.… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • opportunity — I noun auspiciousness, chance, convenience, copia, fair chance, favorable chance, favorable time, fit time, fitting occasion, fitting time, fortuity, good chance, good fortune, hap, liberty, luck, occasio, occasion, opening, opportune moment,… …   Law dictionary

  • opportunity cost — noun The cost of an opportunity forgone (and the loss of the benefits that could be received from that opportunity); the most valuable forgone alternative. Thanks to business school, I can understand how Ive actually paid for this time at home… …   Wiktionary

  • opportunity — noun this is your opportunity to move on don t miss another opportunity Syn: chance, lucky chance, favorable time/occasion/moment, time, right set of circumstances, occasion, moment, opening, option, window (of opportunity), turn, go,… …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • opportunity — noun (plural ties) Date: 14th century 1. a favorable juncture of circumstances < the halt provided an opportunity for rest and refreshment > 2. a good chance for advancement or progress …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • opportunity — noun /ˌɒp.əˈtjuː.nɪ.ti,ˌɑpɚˈtunəti/ a) a chance for advancement, progress or profit. Having a holiday is a great opportunity to relax. b) a favorable circumstance or occasion …   Wiktionary

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