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  • 1 hockey

    1. हाकी/एक प्रकार का खेल
    भारत के लिये 'hockey'(हाकी) का विश्व चेम्पीयन बनना टेढ़ी खीर है.

    English-Hindi dictionary > hockey

  • 2 hockey

    हाकी का खेल, डंडे और गेंद का खेल

    English-Hindi new dictionary > hockey

  • 3 hockey stick

    1. हाकी खेलने की छड़ी
    पंजाब में" hockey stick'(हाकी खेलने की छड़ी)बनाई जाती है.

    English-Hindi dictionary > hockey stick

  • 4 ice hockey

    1. बरफ में खेले जाने वाला खेल
    Ice Hockey is very common in Canada.

    English-Hindi dictionary > ice hockey

  • 5 a la

    1. की शैली में
    So far the world hasn't had another hockey player a la Dhyanchand.

    English-Hindi dictionary > a la

  • 6 fall

    1. पतन
    The fall of the currupt system is certain.
    1. पराजय
    The fall of Indian hockey team was very disappointing.
    1. गिरना
    The bicycle will fall if it is not kept properly.
    The temperature fell after last night's rain.
    2. होना
    Holi falls in the month of March.
    3. लालच\fallमें\fallआना
    He fell for the gifts offered by the shop.
    4. पड़ना
    The Prince's eyes fell on the poor girl.
    The sunlight fell towards the west.
    I fell in bad company when I was in my teens.

    English-Hindi dictionary > fall

  • 7 ice rink

    1. एक प्रकार की बर्फीली चादर
    Ice rink rink is used for playing ice hockey.

    English-Hindi dictionary > ice rink

  • 8 include

    1. सम्मिलित करना
    They included me in the hockey team.

    English-Hindi dictionary > include

  • 9 religion

    1. धर्म
    Religion teaches us to live and let others live.
    2. कर्तव्य
    She has made a religion of always being dutiful and puntual.
    3. जीवन का अंग
    Hockey was like a religion for Dhyan Chand.
    4. परमात्मा\religionके\religionअस्तित्व\religionमें\religionविश्वास
    Belief in the existance of God who has created the universe.

    English-Hindi dictionary > religion

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