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  • 1 characterise

    1) (to be the obvious feature of: The giraffe is characterized by its long neck.) charakteryzować
    2) (to describe (as): She characterized him as weak and indecisive.) opisywać

    English-Polish dictionary > characterise

  • 2 character

    charakter m; (in novel, film) postać f; ( eccentric) oryginał m, dziwak(-aczka) m(f); ( letter) znak m
    * * *
    ['kærəktə] 1. noun
    1) (the set of qualities that make someone or something different from others; type: You can tell a man's character from his handwriting; Publicity of this character is not good for the firm.) charakter
    2) (a set of qualities that are considered admirable in some way: He showed great character in dealing with the danger.) osobowość, charakter
    3) (reputation: They tried to damage his character.) reputacja
    4) (a person in a play, novel etc: Rosencrantz is a minor character in Shakespeare's `Hamlet'.) postać
    5) (an odd or amusing person: This fellow's quite a character!) dziwak
    6) (a letter used in typing etc: Some characters on this typewriter are broken.) znak
    2. noun
    (a typical quality: It is one of his characteristics to be obstinate.) cecha
    - characterize
    - characterise
    - characterization
    - characterisation

    English-Polish dictionary > character

  • 3 mark

    [mɑːk] 1. n
    ( sign) znak m; (of friendship, respect) oznaka f; ( trace) ślad m; ( stain) plama f; ( point) punkt m; ( level) poziom m; ( BRIT, SCOL) ( grade) stopień m, ocena f; ( BRIT, TECH) wersja f; ( currency)

    the German Markmarka f niemiecka

    2. vt
    ( label) znakować (oznakować perf), oznaczać (oznaczyć perf); ( stain) plamić (poplamiǠ perf); ( characterise) cechować; (with shoes, tyres) zostawiać (zostawić perf) ślad(y) na +loc; passage, page in book zaznaczać (zaznaczyć perf); place, time wyznaczać (wyznaczyć perf); event, occasion upamiętniać (upamiętnić perf); ( BRIT, SCOL) oceniać (ocenić perf); (SPORT) player kryć

    to mark time ( MIL) — maszerować w miejscu; ( fig) dreptać w miejscu

    Phrasal Verbs:
    * * *
    1. noun
    1) ((also Deutsche Mark, Deutschmark) the standard unit of German currency before the euro.)
    2) (a point given as a reward for good work etc: She got good marks in the exam.)
    3) (a stain: That spilt coffee has left a mark on the carpet.)
    4) (a sign used as a guide to position etc: There's a mark on the map showing where the church is.)
    5) (a cross or other sign used instead of a signature: He couldn't sign his name, so he made his mark instead.)
    6) (an indication or sign of a particular thing: a mark of respect.)
    2. verb
    1) (to put a mark or stain on, or to become marked or stained: Every pupil's coat must be marked with his name; That coffee has marked the tablecloth; This white material marks easily.)
    2) (to give marks to (a piece of work): I have forty exam-papers to mark tonight.)
    3) (to show; to be a sign of: X marks the spot where the treasure is buried.)
    4) (to note: Mark it down in your notebook.)
    5) ((in football etc) to keep close to (an opponent) so as to prevent his getting the ball: Your job is to mark the centre-forward.)
    - markedly
    - marker
    - marksman
    - marksmanship
    - leave/make one's mark
    - mark out
    - mark time

    English-Polish dictionary > mark

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