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abstract specification

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  • Specification and Description Language — (SDL) is a specification language targeted at the unambiguous specification and description of the behaviour of reactive and distributed systems. It is defined by the ITU T (Recommendation Z.100.) Originally focused on telecommunication systems,… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract Machine Notation — (AMN) is a specification language and (abstract) programming language for specifying abstract machines in the B Method, based on the mathematical theory of Generalised Substitutions.Referencesee also* Formal methods * Formal specification …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract data type — In computing, an abstract data type (ADT) is a specification of a set of data and the set of operations that can be performed on the data. Such a data type is abstract in the sense that it is independent of various concrete implementations. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract Syntax Notation One — In telecommunications and computer networking, Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) is a standard and flexible notation that describes data structures for representing, encoding, transmitting, and decoding data. It provides a set of formal rules… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract state machines — In computer science, an abstract state machine (ASM) is a state machine in which the number of states need not be finite and in which the states are not mere points in the state space. More precisely, an ASM state is a structure in the sense of… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract Syntax Notation One — Die Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) ist eine Beschreibungssprache zur Definition von Datenstrukturen sowie Festlegungen zur Umsetzung von Datenstrukturen und Elementen in ein netzeinheitliches Format. Sie ist gemeinsamer Standard der ITU T… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Abstract machine — An abstract machine, also called an abstract computer, is a theoretical model of a computer hardware or software system used in Automata theory. Abstraction of computing processes is used in both the computer science and computer engineering… …   Wikipedia

  • Specification pattern — In computer programming, the specification pattern is a particular software design pattern, whereby business logic can be recombined by chaining the business logic together using boolean logic.A Specification pattern outlines a unit of business… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract factory pattern — The abstract factory pattern is a software design pattern that provides a way to encapsulate a group of individual factories that have a common theme. In normal usage, the client software creates a concrete implementation of the abstract factory… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract interpretation — In computer science, abstract interpretation is a theory of sound approximation of the semantics of computer programs, based on monotonic functions over ordered sets, especially lattices. It can be viewed as a partial execution of a computer… …   Wikipedia

  • Abstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language — ASDL is also a common misspelling of ADSL. Abstract Type and Scheme Definition Language (ASDL) is a computer language developed as part of ESPRIT project GRASPIN, as a basis for generating language based editors and environments. It combines an… …   Wikipedia

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