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  • 1 record

    1. ['reko:d, -kəd, ]( American[) -kərd] noun
    1) (a written report of facts, events etc: historical records; I wish to keep a record of everything that is said at this meeting.) dokumentas, užrašai, protokolas
    2) (a round flat piece of (usually black) plastic on which music etc is recorded: a record of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony.) plokštelė
    3) ((in races, games, or almost any activity) the best performance so far; something which has never yet been beaten: He holds the record for the 1,000 metres; The record for the high jump was broken/beaten this afternoon; He claimed to have eaten fifty sausages in a minute and asked if this was a record; ( also adjective) a record score.) rekordas
    4) (the collected facts from the past of a person, institution etc: This school has a very poor record of success in exams; He has a criminal record.) duomenys, praeities faktai
    2. [rə'ko:d] verb
    1) (to write a description of (an event, facts etc) so that they can be read in the future: The decisions will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.) įrašyti, (už)protokoluoti
    2) (to put (the sound of music, speech etc) on a record or tape so that it can be listened to in the future: I've recorded the whole concert; Don't make any noise when I'm recording.) įrašyti, įrašinėti
    3) ((of a dial, instrument etc) to show (a figure etc) as a reading: The thermometer recorded 30°C yesterday.) rodyti
    4) (to give or show, especially in writing: to record one's vote in an election.) užregistruoti
    - recording
    - record-player
    - in record time
    - off the record
    - on record

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > record

  • 2 record-player

    noun (an electrical instrument which reproduces the sounds recorded on records.) grotuvas, patefonas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > record-player

  • 3 long-playing record

    ( usually abbreviated to LP) (a record which plays for a long time.) ilgai grojanti plokštelė

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > long-playing record

  • 4 off the record

    ((of information, statements etc) not intended to be repeated or made public: The Prime Minister admitted off the record that the country was going through a serious crisis.) neoficialiai

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > off the record

  • 5 on record

    (recorded: This is the coldest winter on record.) užregistruotas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > on record

  • 6 in record time

    (very quickly.) labai greitai

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > in record time

  • 7 tape-record

    verb įrašyti į juostą

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > tape-record

  • 8 release

    [rə'li:s] 1. verb
    1) (to set free; to allow to leave: He was released from prison yesterday; I am willing to release him from his promise to me.) išleisti, atleisti
    2) (to stop holding etc; to allow to move, fall etc: He released (his hold on) the rope.) paleisti
    3) (to move (a catch, brake etc) which prevents something else from moving, operating etc: He released the handbrake and drove off.) atleisti
    4) (to allow (news etc) to be made known publicly: The list of winners has just been released.) paskelbti
    5) (to offer (a film, record etc) to the general public: Their latest record will be released next week.) išleisti
    2. noun
    1) (the act of releasing or being released: After his release, the prisoner returned to his home town; the release of a new film; ( also adjective) the release catch.) išleidimas, paleidimas
    2) (something that is released: This record is their latest release; The Government issued a press release (= a statement giving information about something, sent or given to newspapers, reporters etc).) leidinys, pranešimas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > release

  • 9 turntable

    noun (the revolving part of a record-player on which the record rests while it is being played: He put another record on the turntable so that people could dance to the music.) patefono diskas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > turntable

  • 10 chronicle

    ['kronikl] 1. noun
    (a record of (especially historical) events in order of time.) kronika
    2. verb
    (to make such a record.) rašyti kroniką

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > chronicle

  • 11 reproduce

    1) (to make or produce a copy of; to make or produce again: Good as the film is, it fails to reproduce the atmosphere of the book; A record-player reproduces the sound which has been recorded on a record.) atgaminti, atkurti
    2) ((of humans, animals and plants) to produce (young, seeds etc): How do fish reproduce?) daugintis
    - reproductive

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > reproduce

  • 12 revolution

    [revə'lu:ʃən] 1. noun
    1) ((the act of making) a successful, violent attempt to change or remove a government etc: the American Revolution.) revoliucija
    2) (a complete change in ideas, methods etc: There's been a complete revolution in the way things are done in this office.) perversmas
    3) (a complete circle or turn round a central point, axis etc (eg as made by a record turning on a record-player, or the Earth moving on its axis or round the Sun).) apsisukimas
    2. noun
    (a person who takes part in, or is in favour of, (a) revolution.) revoliucionierius
    - revolutionise

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > revolution

  • 13 sleeve

    1) (the part of a garment that covers the arm: He tore the sleeve of his jacket; a dress with long/short sleeves.) rankovė
    2) ((also record-sleeve) a stiff envelope for a gramophone record.) įdėklas, vokas
    3) (something, eg a tubular part in a piece of machinery, that covers as a sleeve of a garment does the arm.) įmova
    - sleeveless
    - have/keep something up one's sleeve
    - have/keep up one's sleeve

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > sleeve

  • 14 speaker

    1) (a person who is or was speaking.) kalbantysis
    2) ((sometimes loudspeaker) the device in a radio, record-player etc which converts the electrical impulses into audible sounds: Our record-player needs a new speaker.) garsintuvas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > speaker

  • 15 tape

    [teip] 1. noun
    1) ((a piece of) a narrow strip or band of cloth used for tying etc: bundles of letters tied with tape.) juostelė
    2) (a piece of this or something similar, eg a string, stretched above the finishing line on a race track: The two runners reached the tape together.) (finišo) juostelė
    3) (a narrow strip of paper, plastic, metal etc used for sticking materials together, recording sounds etc: adhesive tape; insulating tape; I recorded the concert on tape.) juostelė
    4) (a tape-measure.) metras, matavimo juosta
    2. verb
    1) (to fasten or seal with tape.) surišti/užklijuoti juostele
    2) (to record (the sound of something) on tape: He taped the concert.) įrašyti į juostą
    - measuring-tape
    - tape-recorder
    - tape-record
    - tape-recording

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > tape

  • 16 video

    ['vidiəu] 1. plural - videos; noun
    1) (the recording or broadcasting (by means of a video recorder) of television pictures and sound.) video
    2) (a videotape.) vaizdajuostė
    3) ((also video cassette recorder; VCR) a machine used for watching or recording television films and programmes on videotape.) kasetinis vaizdo magnetofonas
    2. verb
    (to record on a video recorder or videotape: He videoed the television programme on volcanoes.) įrašyti į vaizdajuostę
    - video camera
    - video cassette recorder
    - video recorder
    - video jockey
    - videotape
    3. verb
    (to record a film etc on video.) įrašyti (filmą) į vaizdajuostę

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > video

  • 17 account

    1) (an arrangement by which a person keeps his money in a bank: I have (opened) an account with the local bank.) sąskaita
    2) (a statement of money owing: Send me an account.) sąskaitos
    3) (a description or explanation (of something that has happened): a full account of his holiday.) sąskaita
    4) (an arrangement by which a person makes a regular (eg monthly) payment instead of paying at the time of buying: I have an account at Smiths.) sąskaita
    5) ((usually in plural) a record of money received and spent: You must keep your accounts in order; ( also adjective) an account book.) pasakojimas, ataskaita
    - accountant
    - account for
    - on account of
    - on my/his etc account
    - on my/his account
    - on no account
    - take something into account
    - take into account
    - take account of something
    - take account of

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > account

  • 18 album

    1) (a book with blank pages for holding photographs, stamps etc.) albumas
    2) (a long-playing gramophone record: I haven't got the group's latest album.) plokštelė

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > album

  • 19 amplify

    1) (to make larger, especially by adding details to.) išplėsti
    2) (to make (the sound from a radio, record-player etc) louder by using an amplifier.) (su)stiprinti
    - amplifier

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > amplify

  • 20 book

    [buk] 1. noun
    1) (a number of sheets of paper (especially printed) bound together: an exercise book.) sąsiuvinis
    2) (a piece of writing, bound and covered: I've written a book on Shakespeare.) knyga
    3) (a record of bets.) lažybų dokumentas
    2. verb
    1) (to buy or reserve (a ticket, seat etc) for a play etc: I've booked four seats for Friday's concert.) pirkti/užsakyti bilietą
    2) (to hire in advance: We've booked the hall for Saturday.) už(si)sakyti/išsinuomoti iš anksto
    - booking
    - booklet
    - bookbinding
    - bookbinder
    - bookcase
    - booking-office
    - bookmaker
    - bookmark
    - bookseller
    - bookshelf
    - bookshop
    - bookworm
    - booked up
    - book in
    - by the book

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > book

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