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monopoly paper

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  • Monopoly (game) — Monopoly The Monopoly Logo Designer(s) Elizabeth Magie Louis Fred Thun[1] Charles Darrow Publisher(s) …   Wikipedia

  • Monopoly Tycoon — Developer(s) Deep Red Games Publisher(s) Infogrames …   Wikipedia

  • Monopoly: The Card Game — Players draw property cards, token cards, house cards, etc. to complete their hand and go out. Players 2 6 Age range 8 and up Setup time …   Wikipedia

  • Paper cartridge — refers to one of various types of small arms ammunition used before the advent of the metallic cartridge. These cartridges consisted of a paper cylinder or cone containing the bullet, gunpowder, and, in some cases, a primer or a lubricating and… …   Wikipedia

  • Paper trading — (sometimes also called virtual stock trading ) is a simulated trading process in which would be investors can practice investing without committing real money.This is done by the manipulation of imaginary money and investment positions that… …   Wikipedia

  • monopoly — (n.) exclusive control of a commodity or trade, 1530s, from L. monopolium, from Gk. monopolion right of exclusive sale, from MONO (Cf. mono ) + polein to sell, from PIE root *pel to sell (Cf. Skt. panate barters, purchases, Lith. pelnas …   Etymology dictionary

  • Monopoly money — A Victorian gold sovereign, a modern £1 coin, and a vintage Monopoly money note, for comparison Monopoly money is a type of play money used in the board game Monopoly. It is different from American currency in that it is smaller, one sided, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Monopoly law — Being one of three categories of a competition law, a law regulating dominance and monopoly prevents firms from using their market power to damage the interests of consumers. Other two legal categories not covered here are collusion and cartel… …   Wikipedia

  • Monopoly money — noun a) Play money printed on paper, especially differently colored denominations of the board game Monopoly. They did so to conceal the fact that they were playing with Monopoly money fabricating profits as phony as the pastel colored money used …   Wiktionary

  • Monopoly — /məˈnɒpəli/ (say muh nopuhlee) noun a board game played with dice, counters, imitation paper money, etc., in which the players can buy the property represented on the squares of the board on which their counters land, the object being to acquire… …  

  • History of the board game Monopoly — The history of the board game Monopoly can be traced back to the early 1900s. Based on original designs by the American Elizabeth Magie, several board games were developed from 1906 through the 1930s that involved the buying and selling of land… …   Wikipedia

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