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  • 1 lit

    see light, light III I

    English-Icelandic dictionary > lit

  • 2 booklet

    noun (a small, thin book: a booklet about the history of the town.) bæklingur

    English-Icelandic dictionary > booklet

  • 3 couplet

    noun (two lines of verse, one following the other, which rhyme with each other.) tvær rímaðar ljóðlínur

    English-Icelandic dictionary > couplet

  • 4 droplet

    noun (a tiny drop: droplets of rain.) smádropi

    English-Icelandic dictionary > droplet

  • 5 eyelet

    noun (a small hole in fabric etc for a cord etc.) þráðarauga; útsaumað gat í gatasaumi

    English-Icelandic dictionary > eyelet

  • 6 glitter

    ['ɡlitə] 1. verb
    (to sparkle: Her diamonds glittered in the light.) glitra
    2. noun
    (the quality of glittering: the glitter of her diamonds.) ljómi, glampi

    English-Icelandic dictionary > glitter

  • 7 leaflet

    noun (a small, printed sheet containing information etc.) bæklingur

    English-Icelandic dictionary > leaflet

  • 8 literal

    1) (following the exact meaning with no exaggeration: the literal truth.) bókstaflegur
    2) (understanding the meaning by taking one word at a time: a literal translation.) orðréttur
    - literally

    English-Icelandic dictionary > literal

  • 9 literary

    1) (concerning literature or the writing of books: a literary magazine.) bóka-, bókmennta-
    2) ((of a person) knowledgeable about books.) sem er vel að sér í bókmenntum

    English-Icelandic dictionary > literary

  • 10 literate

    1) (able to read and write.) læs og skrifandi
    2) (clever and having read a great deal.) bóklærður

    English-Icelandic dictionary > literate

  • 11 litter

    ['litə(r)] 1. noun
    1) (an untidy mess of paper, rubbish etc: Put your litter in that bin.) drasl, rusl
    2) (a heap of straw etc for animals to lie on etc.) hálmur, hey
    3) (a number of animals born to the same mother at the same time: a litter of kittens.) ungahópur, urpt, got
    2. verb
    (to cover (the ground etc) with scattered objects: Papers littered the table.) sóða út, kasta frá sér rusli; strá

    English-Icelandic dictionary > litter

  • 12 notelet

    noun (a small piece of notepaper, often folded like a card and with a picture on it, used for short letters.) minnisblað

    English-Icelandic dictionary > notelet

  • 13 piglet

    noun (a baby pig.) grís

    English-Icelandic dictionary > piglet

  • 14 ringlet

    noun (a long curl of hair.) hárlokkur

    English-Icelandic dictionary > ringlet

  • 15 triplet

    noun (one of three children or animals born at the same time to the same mother: She's just had triplets.) þríburi

    English-Icelandic dictionary > triplet

  • 16 wrist-watch

    nouns (a watch worn on the wrist.) armbandsúr

    English-Icelandic dictionary > wrist-watch

  • 17 wristlet-watch

    nouns (a watch worn on the wrist.) armbandsúr

    English-Icelandic dictionary > wristlet-watch

  • 18 light

    I 1. noun
    1) (the brightness given by the sun, a flame, lamps etc that makes things able to be seen: It was nearly dawn and the light was getting stronger; Sunlight streamed into the room.) ljós, birta
    2) (something which gives light (eg a lamp): Suddenly all the lights went out.) ljós
    3) (something which can be used to set fire to something else; a flame: Have you got a light for my cigarette?) eldur; eldpÿta, kveikjari
    4) (a way of viewing or regarding: He regarded her action in a favourable light.) í (jákvæðu) ljósi
    2. adjective
    1) (having light; not dark: The studio was a large, light room.) bjartur
    2) ((of a colour) pale; closer to white than black: light green.) ljós-
    3. [lit] verb
    1) (to give light to: The room was lit only by candles.) lÿsa
    2) (to (make something) catch fire: She lit the gas; I think this match is damp, because it won't light.) kveikja
    - lighting
    - lighthouse
    - light-year
    - bring to light
    - come to light
    - in the light of
    - light up
    - see the light
    - set light to
    1) (easy to lift or carry; of little weight: I bought a light suitcase for plane journeys.) léttur
    2) (easy to bear, suffer or do: Next time the punishment will not be so light.) léttur, vægur
    3) ((of food) easy to digest: a light meal.) léttur, auðmeltur
    4) (of less weight than it should be: The load of grain was several kilos light.) of léttur
    5) (of little weight: Aluminium is a light metal.) léttur
    6) (lively or agile: She was very light on her feet.) léttur á sér
    7) (cheerful; not serious: light music.) léttur, líflegur
    8) (little in quantity; not intense, heavy, strong etc: light rain.) léttur
    9) ((of soil) containing a lot of sand.) gljúpur, sendinn
    - light-headed
    - light-hearted
    - lightweight
    - get off lightly
    - make light of
    - travel light
    III = light on - past tense, past participle lit [lit] - verb
    (to find by chance: While wandering round the town, we lit on a very cheap restaurant.)

    English-Icelandic dictionary > light

  • 19 light up

    1) (to begin to give out light: Evening came and the streetlights lit up.) kvikna, ljóma upp
    2) (to make, be or become full of light: The powerful searchlight lit up the building; She watched the house light up as everyone awoke.) lÿsa upp
    3) (to make or become happy: Her face lit up when she saw him; A sudden smile lit up her face.) ljóma, geisla

    English-Icelandic dictionary > light up

  • 20 chocolate

    [' okəlit] 1. noun
    1) (a paste made from the seeds of the cacao tree.) súkkulaði
    2) (a sweet or drink made from it: Have a chocolate; a cup of chocolate.) súkkulaði
    2. adjective
    (of, made from, covered with, chocolate: chocolate ice-cream; chocolate biscuits.) súkkulaði-

    English-Icelandic dictionary > chocolate

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