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allocation division

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  • allocation — index allotment, appointment (act of designating), apportionment, appropriation (allotment), assignment (allotment), budget …   Law dictionary

  • division — I (act of dividing) noun allocation, allotment, apportionment, breaking, breakup, cleavage, cut, cutting, departmentalization, detachment, disaccord, disagreement, disassociation, disbandment, disconnection, discord, disengagement, disharmony,… …   Law dictionary

  • allocation — division of a fish resource among harvesters and those needed for reproduction. The harvester can be a person, a vessel, a fishing company, a country, etc. The allocation can be absolute, e.g. a number of tonnes per country based on the TAC, q.v …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • allocation — The identification of costs or revenues with specific activities, assets, liabilities, or time periods. An example of the time allocation of costs is the recognition of *amortization expenses over an asset’s *useful life. An example of the… …   Auditor's dictionary

  • division — noun 1) the division of the island cell division Syn: dividing (up), breaking up, breakup, carving up, splitting, dissection, bisection; partitioning, separation, segregation 2) the division of his assets Syn …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • division — noun 1) the division of the island | cell division Syn: dividing (up), breaking up, break up, carving up, splitting, dissection, partitioning, separation, segregation 2) the division of his estates Syn: sharing out …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • Division sénatoriale — Sénat du Canada Canada Cet article fait partie de la série sur la politique du Canada, sous série sur la politique. Pouvoir exécutif …   Wikipédia en Français

  • division — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) n. severance, separation, disunion, discord, disjunction, schism; apportionment, partitionment; part, section; unit, group. See class, combatant. II (Roget s IV) n. 1. [The act or result of dividing] Syn …   English dictionary for students

  • allocation — I (Roget s 3 Superthesaurus) n. distribution, ration, allotment. II (Roget s Thesaurus II) noun 1. The act of distributing or the condition of being distributed: admeasurement, assignment, apportionment, dispensation, distribution, division. See… …   English dictionary for students

  • Task allocation and partitioning of social insects — Task allocation and partitioning refers to the way that tasks are chosen, assigned, subdivided, and coordinated (here, within a single colony of social insects). Closely associated are issues of communication that enable these actions to… …   Wikipedia

  • Code division multiple access — This article is about a channel access method. For the mobile phone technology referred to as CDMA, see IS 95 and CDMA2000. Multiplex techniques Circuit mode (constant bandwidth) TDM · FDM  …   Wikipedia

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