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stellar system

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  • Stellar dynamics — is the branch of astrophysics which describes in a statistical way the collective motions of stars subject to their mutual gravity. The long range of gravity and the slow relaxation of stellar systems prevent the use of the methods of statistical …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar kinematics — is the study of the movement of stars without needing to understand how they acquired their motion. This differs from stellar dynamics, which takes into account gravitational effects. The motion of a star relative to the Sun can provide useful… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar rotation — is the angular motion of a star about its axis. The rate of rotation can be measured from the spectrum of the star, or by timing the movements of active features on the surface.The rotation of a star produces an equatorial bulge due to… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar triangulation — is a method of geodesy which uses cosmic instead of terrestrial targets. It was first done by the Finnish geodesist Väisälä in 1959, who made astrometric photographs of the sky at two stations together with a balloon probe between them.Even this… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar — is an adjective referring to one or more stars. It may also refer to: * Hyundai Stellar, a car built by Hyundai Motor Company * Stellar*, a New Zealand based rock band * Stellar (song), a song by Incubus * Stellar brand of Guitar maker of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar wind bubble — is the astronomical term usually used to describe a cavity light years across filled with hot gas blown into the interstellar medium by the high velocity (several thousand km/s) stellar wind from a single massive star of type O or B. Weaker… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar 7 — is a futuristic tank simulation computer game based on the arcade game Battlezone in which the player assumes the role of a tank pilot. The enemies include anything from other tanks to mechanical birds. Several years later a sequel game, Nova 9… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar mass loss — is a phenomenon observed in some massive stars. It occurs when a triggering event causes the ejection of a large portion of the star s mass. Stellar mass loss can also occur when a star gradually loses material to a binary companion or into… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar School System — Infobox UK school name = Stellar School System size = 140px latitude = longitude = dms = motto = Dare to Dream motto pl = established = 2008 approx = closed = c approx = type = Private School religion = president = head label = head = r head… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar classification — In astronomy, stellar classification is a classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics. The spectral class of a star is a designated class of a star describing the ionization of its chromosphere, what atomic excitations are… …   Wikipedia

  • Stellar engine — Diagram of a Class C Stellar Engine to scale built around a sun like star. It consists of a partial Dyson swarm composed of 5 Dyson Rings of solar collectors (the Class B component), and a large statite Shkadov thruster (the Class A component).… …   Wikipedia

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