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  • 1 similar

    1. समान/तुल्य
    Those twins are similar in physical features but different by nature.

    English-Hindi dictionary > similar

  • 2 similar

    समान, सदृश, एकसा

    English-Hindi new dictionary > similar

  • 3 coordinate clause

    1. संयुक्त वाक्य/समानाधिकरण
    Each of two or more clauses in a sentence that make separate parallel statements have similar patterns and are joined by and,or but,etc. are coordinate clauses.

    English-Hindi dictionary > coordinate clause

  • 4 detail

    1. व्यौरा
    Several of the details are similar in the document.
    The office circular touched all details
    Ram's essay contained too much detail
    2. सेना\detailकी\detailटुकड़ी
    A detail was sent to remove the fallen trees
    1. व्यौरेवार\detailवर्णन\detailकरना
    The brochure details all the operations of the machine.
    He detailed the soldiers about their duties.
    2. तैनात\detailकरना
    The ambulances were detailed to the fire station

    English-Hindi dictionary > detail

  • 5 isobar

    1. समदाब\isobarरेखा
    Isobar indicate countries with similar weather conditions.

    English-Hindi dictionary > isobar

  • 6 kumquat

    1. संतरे जैसा मगर छोटा फल
    Kumquat is similar to plum in size.

    English-Hindi dictionary > kumquat

  • 7 looks

    1. रूप
    The brothers have similar looks.

    English-Hindi dictionary > looks

  • 8 ping pong

    1. पिंगपोंग
    The game, ping-pong is similar to Table-Tennis.

    English-Hindi dictionary > ping pong

  • 9 snap

    1. तात्कालिक/फ़ौरी/आसु
    This work is too snap.
    1. समानता पर निकलनेवाला आश्चर्य भाव
    Snap! your bag is similar to mine.
    1. आशुचित्र
    I have a fine collection of holiday snaps.
    1. ताश के पत्तों का एक खेल
    Snap is an entertaining game.
    1. तोड़ ड़ालना
    He snapped his finger.
    2. दंश करना/काटना
    The snake snapped the boy's feet.
    3. गुर्राना
    The teacher snapped 'shut your mouth'.
    4. फोटो लेना
    I snapped at the jumping boy.

    English-Hindi dictionary > snap

  • 10 sympathize

    1. सहानुभूति रखना
    I fully sympathize with her, I had a similar experience myself.
    2. से सहमत होना
    He doesn't sympathise with her plans to start a small business.

    English-Hindi dictionary > sympathize

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