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  • 1 preposition

    (a word put before a noun or pronoun to show how it is related to another word: through the window; in the garden; written by me.) předložka
    * * *
    • předložka

    English-Czech dictionary > preposition

  • 2 alongside

    preposition, adverb (beside or close to (the side of a ship, a pier etc): He berthed alongside his friend's boat.) vedle, po boku
    * * *
    • podél
    • na naší straně

    English-Czech dictionary > alongside

  • 3 among

    1) (in the middle of: a house among the trees.) mezi, uprostřed
    2) (in shares or parts to each person (in a group etc): Divide the chocolate amongst you.) mezi
    * * *
    • mezi

    English-Czech dictionary > among

  • 4 amongst

    1) (in the middle of: a house among the trees.) mezi, uprostřed
    2) (in shares or parts to each person (in a group etc): Divide the chocolate amongst you.) mezi
    * * *
    • mezi

    English-Czech dictionary > amongst

  • 5 besides

    preposition (in addition to: Is anyone coming besides John?) mimo, kromě
    * * *
    • vždyť
    • ostatně
    • kromě toho
    • krom
    • mimoto

    English-Czech dictionary > besides

  • 6 concerning

    preposition (about: He wrote to me concerning a business arrangement.) ohledně, o
    * * *
    • týkající se
    • ohledně

    English-Czech dictionary > concerning

  • 7 considering

    preposition (taking into account; despite: Considering his deafness he manages to understand very well.) uvážíme-li (že)
    * * *
    • vzhledem k
    • zvažování
    • zvažující

    English-Czech dictionary > considering

  • 8 despite

    (in spite of: He didn't get the job despite all his qualifications.) navzdory
    * * *
    • navzdory

    English-Czech dictionary > despite

  • 9 excepting

    preposition (leaving out or excluding: Those cars are all reliable, excepting the old red one.) kromě
    * * *
    • kromě

    English-Czech dictionary > excepting

  • 10 excluding

    preposition (not counting; without including: The club's expenses, excluding the cost of stationery, amounted to $251.) nepočítaje
    * * *
    • vyloučení

    English-Czech dictionary > excluding

  • 11 facing

    preposition (opposite: The hotel is facing the church.) naproti
    * * *
    • obkládání
    • obklad
    • obložení
    • lemování
    • čelí

    English-Czech dictionary > facing

  • 12 including

    preposition The whole family has been ill, including the baby.) včetně
    * * *
    • včetně

    English-Czech dictionary > including

  • 13 notwithstanding

    (in spite of: Notwithstanding the bad weather, the ship arrived on time.) navzdory, přes
    * * *
    • nicméně

    English-Czech dictionary > notwithstanding

  • 14 regarding

    preposition (about; concerning: Have you any suggestions regarding this project?) týkající se
    * * *
    • ohledně

    English-Czech dictionary > regarding

  • 15 respecting

    preposition (about; concerning: Respecting your salary, we shall come to a decision later.) pokud jde
    * * *
    • respektující
    • respektování

    English-Czech dictionary > respecting

  • 16 throughout

    1) (in all parts of: They searched throughout the house.) po celém
    2) (from start to finish of: She complained throughout the journey.) po celý
    * * *
    • úplně
    • veskrze
    • po celou dobu
    • docela

    English-Czech dictionary > throughout

  • 17 unto

    (an old word for `to'.) k, do
    * * *
    • vůči
    • ke

    English-Czech dictionary > unto

  • 18 via

    (by way of: We went to America via Japan; The news reached me via my aunt.) přes
    * * *
    • přes
    • prokov
    • skrz

    English-Czech dictionary > via

  • 19 without

    1) (in the absence of; not having: They went without you; I could not live without him; We cannot survive without water.) bez
    2) (not: He drove away without saying goodbye; You can't walk along this street without meeting someone you know.) aniž
    * * *
    • bez
    • aniž
    • beze

    English-Czech dictionary > without

  • 20 about

    1. preposition
    (on the subject of: We talked about our plans; What's the book about?) o
    2. preposition, adverb
    1) ((sometimes round about) near (in place, time, size etc): about five miles away; (round) about six o'clock; just about big enough.) kolem, okolo, asi
    2) (in different directions; here and there: The children ran about (the garden).) sem a tam
    3) (in or on some part (of a place etc): You'll find him somewhere about (the office).) poblíž
    4) (around or surrounding: She wore a coat about her shoulders; He lay with his clothes scattered about.) kolem
    3. adverb
    ((in military commands etc) in the opposite direction: About turn!) čelem vzad
    * * *
    • u sebe
    • u
    • v čem
    • po
    • přibližně
    • skoro
    • sem tam
    • stran čeho
    • okolo
    • kolem
    • o
    • o čem
    • asi
    • dokola

    English-Czech dictionary > about

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