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leave home

  • 1 leave home

    1) (to leave one's house: I usually leave home at 7.30 a.m.) odejít z domova
    2) (to leave one's home to go and live somewhere else: He left home at the age of fifteen to get a job in Australia.) odejít z domova

    English-Czech dictionary > leave home

  • 2 home

    [həum] 1. noun
    1) (the house, town, country etc where a person etc usually lives: I work in London but my home is in Bournemouth; When I retire, I'll make my home in Bournemouth; Africa is the home of the lion; We'll have to find a home for the kitten.) domov
    2) (the place from which a person, thing etc comes originally: America is the home of jazz.) vlast
    3) (a place where children without parents, old people, people who are ill etc live and are looked after: an old folk's home; a nursing home.) domov
    4) (a place where people stay while they are working: a nurses' home.) internát; ubytovna
    5) (a house: Crumpy Construction build fine homes for fine people; He invited me round to his home.) dům
    2. adjective
    1) (of a person's home or family: home comforts.) domácí
    2) (of the country etc where a person lives: home produce.) tuzemský, zdejší
    3) ((in football) playing or played on a team's own ground: the home team; a home game.) domácí
    3. adverb
    1) (to a person's home: I'm going home now; Hallo - I'm home!) domů, doma
    2) (completely; to the place, position etc a thing is intended to be: He drove the nail home; Few of his punches went home; These photographs of the war brought home to me the suffering of the soldiers.) pevně; na místo určení; úplně
    - homely
    - homeliness
    - homing
    - home-coming
    - home-grown
    - homeland
    - home-made
    - home rule
    - homesick
    - homesickness
    - homestead
    - home truth
    - homeward
    - homewards
    - homeward
    - homework
    - at home
    - be/feel at home
    - home in on
    - leave home
    - make oneself at home
    - nothing to write home about
    * * *
    • domov
    • domácí
    • domů
    • dům
    • doma

    English-Czech dictionary > home

  • 3 leave

    I [li:v] past tense, past participle - left; verb
    1) (to go away or depart from, often without intending to return: He left the room for a moment; They left at about six o'clock; I have left that job.) odejít; opustit
    2) (to go without taking: She left her gloves in the car; He left his children behind when he went to France.) nechat
    3) (to allow to remain in a particular state or condition: She left the job half-finished.) (za)nechat
    4) (to let (a person or a thing) do something without being helped or attended to: I'll leave the meat to cook for a while.) nechat
    5) (to allow to remain for someone to do, make etc: Leave that job to the experts!) nechat
    6) (to make a gift of in one's will: She left all her property to her son.) odkázat
    - leave out
    - left over
    II [li:v] noun
    1) (permission to do something, eg to be absent: Have I your leave to go?) dovolení
    2) ((especially of soldiers, sailors etc) a holiday: He is home on leave at the moment.) dovolená
    - take one's leave of
    - take one's leave
    * * *
    • vynechat
    • volno
    • odcházet
    • opustit
    • odjet
    • opouštět
    • odjíždět
    • odejít
    • leave/left/left
    • nechávat
    • nechat
    • dovolená

    English-Czech dictionary > leave

  • 4 dilemma

    (a position or situation giving two choices, neither pleasant: His dilemma was whether to leave the party early so as to get a lift in his friend's car, or to stay and walk eight kilometres home.) dilema
    * * *
    • dilema

    English-Czech dictionary > dilemma

  • 5 last

    I 1. adjective
    1) (coming at the end: We set out on the last day of November; He was last in the race; He caught the last bus home.) poslední
    2) (most recent; next before the present: Our last house was much smaller than this; last year/month/week.) poslední; minulý
    3) (coming or remaining after all the others: He was the last guest to leave.) poslední
    2. adverb
    (at the end of or after all the others: He took his turn last.) nakonec
    - at long last
    - at last
    - hear
    - see the last of
    - the last person
    - the last straw
    - the last thing
    - the last word
    - on one's last legs
    - to the last
    II verb
    1) (to continue to exist: This situation lasted until she got married; I hope this fine weather lasts.) (po)trvat
    2) (to remain in good condition or supply: This carpet has lasted well; The bread won't last another two days - we'll need more; This coat will last me until I die.) vydržet
    - last out
    * * *
    • trvat
    • trvání
    • vytrvalost
    • potrvat
    • předchozí
    • poslední
    • předešlý
    • naposled
    • minulý

    English-Czech dictionary > last

  • 6 notice

    ['nəutis] 1. noun
    1) (a written or printed statement to announce something publicly: He stuck a notice on the door, saying that he had gone home; They put a notice in the paper announcing the birth of their daughter.) oznámení
    2) (attention: His skill attracted their notice; I'll bring the problem to his notice as soon as possible.) pozornost
    3) (warning given especially before leaving a job or dismissing someone: Her employer gave her a month's notice; The cook gave in her notice; Please give notice of your intentions.) výpověď; hlášení
    2. verb
    (to see, observe, or keep in one's mind: I noticed a book on the table; He noticed her leave the room; Did he say that? I didn't notice.) všimnout si
    - noticeably
    - noticed
    - notice-board
    - at short notice
    - take notice of
    * * *
    • upozornění
    • výpověď
    • všimnout
    • zahlédnout
    • postřehnout postřehl

    English-Czech dictionary > notice

  • 7 now

    1. adverb
    1) ((at) the present period of time: I am now living in England.) nyní
    2) (at once; immediately: I can't do it now - you'll have to wait.) (zrovna) teď, hned
    3) ((at) this moment: He'll be at home now; From now on, I shall be more careful about what I say to her.) teď; od nynějška
    4) ((in stories) then; at that time: We were now very close to the city.) tehdy
    5) (because of what has happened etc: I now know better than to trust her.) teď tedy
    6) (a word in explanations, warnings, commands, or to show disbelief: Now this is what happened; Stop that, now!; Do be careful, now.) tedy, přece
    2. conjunction
    ((often with that) because or since something has happened, is now true etc: Now that you are here, I can leave; Now you have left school, you will have to find a job.) teď když
    - for now
    - just now
    - every now and then/again
    - now and then/again
    - now
    - now!
    - now then
    * * *
    • už
    • právě
    • teď
    • již
    • hned
    • nyní

    English-Czech dictionary > now

  • 8 release

    [rə'li:s] 1. verb
    1) (to set free; to allow to leave: He was released from prison yesterday; I am willing to release him from his promise to me.) propustit; zprostit
    2) (to stop holding etc; to allow to move, fall etc: He released (his hold on) the rope.) uvolnit
    3) (to move (a catch, brake etc) which prevents something else from moving, operating etc: He released the handbrake and drove off.) uvolnit
    4) (to allow (news etc) to be made known publicly: The list of winners has just been released.) uvolnit ke zveřejnění
    5) (to offer (a film, record etc) to the general public: Their latest record will be released next week.) uvést
    2. noun
    1) (the act of releasing or being released: After his release, the prisoner returned to his home town; the release of a new film; ( also adjective) the release catch.) propuštění; uvedení; uvolněný
    2) (something that is released: This record is their latest release; The Government issued a press release (= a statement giving information about something, sent or given to newspapers, reporters etc).) zpráva, komuniké
    * * *
    • uvolnit
    • uvolnění
    • vydání
    • propuštění

    English-Czech dictionary > release

  • 9 see

    I [si:] past tense - saw; verb
    1) (to have the power of sight: After six years of blindness, he found he could see.) vidět
    2) (to be aware of by means of the eye: I can see her in the garden.) vidět
    3) (to look at: Did you see that play on television?) vidět
    4) (to have a picture in the mind: I see many difficulties ahead.) tušit
    5) (to understand: She didn't see the point of the joke.) chápat
    6) (to investigate: Leave this here and I'll see what I can do for you.) uvidět
    7) (to meet: I'll see you at the usual time.) vidět
    8) (to accompany: I'll see you home.) doprovodit
    - seeing that
    - see off
    - see out
    - see through
    - see to
    - I
    - we will see
    II [si:] noun
    (the district over which a bishop or archbishop has authority.) (arci)biskupství
    * * *
    • uvidět
    • zahlédnout
    • vidět
    • viz
    • vídat
    • zhlédnout
    • pozorovat
    • sídlo
    • see/saw/seen
    • rozumět
    • stolec
    • spatřit
    • hledět
    • nahlížet
    • chápat

    English-Czech dictionary > see

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