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grid cell

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  • Grid cell topology — The grid cell topology is studied in digital topology for the purpose of providing a theoretical basis for (low level) algorithms in computer image analysis or computer graphics. The elements of the n dimensional grid cell topology ( n ≥ 1) are… …   Wikipedia

  • Off-grid cell sites — An off grid cell site is a cell site that is not connected to the power grid. Usually the system is not connected to the grid because it is situated in a place which is difficult to get to or because it doesn t have any civil infrastructure… …   Wikipedia

  • Grid cells — A grid cell is a type of neuron found in the entorhinal cortex (EC) that fires strongly when an animal is in specific locations in an environment. Grid cells were discovered in 2005 and it is hypothesized that a network of these cells constitute… …   Wikipedia

  • Grid (spatial index) — In the context of a spatial index, a grid (a.k.a. mesh , also global grid if it covers the entire surface of the Globe) is a regular tessellation of a manifold or 2 D surface that divides it into a series of contiguous cells, which can then be… …   Wikipedia

  • Grid energy storage — is used to manage the flow of electrical energy. For large scale load levelling on an interconnected electrical system, electric energy producers send low value off peak excess electricity over the electricity transmission grid to temporary… …   Wikipedia

  • Cell site — Cell phone tower in Palatine, Illinois, USA. A short mast cell site o …   Wikipedia

  • Cell counting — is a general name for various methods for the quantification of cells in molecular biology and in medicine. Contents 1 The need for cell counting 2 Methods 2.1 Counting chamber 2 …   Wikipedia

  • grid — /grid/, n. 1. a grating of crossed bars; gridiron. 2. Elect. a. a metallic framework employed in a storage cell or battery for conducting the electric current and supporting the active material. b. a system of electrical distribution serving a… …   Universalium

  • grid — [grid] n. [short for GRIDIRON] 1. a framework of parallel bars; grating 2. a network of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical bars or lines, esp. one for locating points when placed over a map, chart, etc. 3. a system for distributing electric… …   English World dictionary

  • Cell Computing — is a now defunct distributed computing project that was operated by NTT Data to perform biomedical research. It used the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) platform, however it was initially launched using the United… …   Wikipedia

  • Grid illusion — A grid illusion is any kind of grid that deceives a person s vision. The two most common types of grid illusions are Hermann grid illusions and Scintillating grid illusions.Hermann grid illusionThe Hermann grid illusion is an optical illusion… …   Wikipedia

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