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  • 1 carefully

    adverb varlega

    English-Icelandic dictionary > carefully

  • 2 select

    [sə'lekt] 1. verb
    (to choose or pick from among a number: She selected a blue dress from the wardrobe; You have been selected to represent us on the committee.) velja
    2. adjective
    1) (picked or chosen carefully: A select group of friends was invited.) (út)valinn
    2) (intended only for carefully chosen (usually rich or upper-class) people: That school is very select.) ekki opinn hverjum sem er, sem fyrir útvalda
    - selective
    - sellectively
    - selectiveness
    - selector

    English-Icelandic dictionary > select

  • 3 adverb

    (a word used before or after a verb, before an adjective or preposition, or with another adverb to show time, manner, place, degree etc: Yesterday he looked more carefully in the box, and there he found a very small key with a hole right through it.) atviksorð
    - adverbially

    English-Icelandic dictionary > adverb

  • 4 articulate

    1. verb
    (to speak or pronounce: The teacher articulated (his words) very carefully.) bera fram
    2. [-lət] adjective
    (able to express one's thoughts clearly: He's unusually articulate for a three-year-old child.) málfær
    - articulateness
    - articulation

    English-Icelandic dictionary > articulate

  • 5 attend

    1) (to go to or be present at: He attended the meeting; He will attend school till he is sixteen.) sækja; mæta
    2) ((with to) to listen or give attention to: Attend carefully to what the teacher is saying!) sÿna athygli
    3) (to deal with: I'll attend to that problem tomorrow.) sinna, sjá um
    4) (to look after; to help or serve: Two doctors attended her all through her illness; The queen was attended by four ladies.) annast
    - attendant
    - in attendance

    English-Icelandic dictionary > attend

  • 6 avoid

    (to keep away from (a place, person or thing): He drove carefully to avoid the holes in the road; Avoid the subject of money.) forðast

    English-Icelandic dictionary > avoid

  • 7 care

    [keə] 1. noun
    1) (close attention: Do it with care.) gætni, gát
    2) (keeping; protection: Your belongings will be safe in my care.) umsjá
    3) ((a cause for) worry: free from care; all the cares of the world.) áhyggjuefni
    4) (treatment: medical care; skin care.)
    2. verb
    1) (to be anxious or concerned: Don't you care if you fail?; I couldn't care less (= It's of no importance to me); She really cares about her career.) vera ekki sama, kæra sig um
    2) (to be willing (to): Would you care to have dinner with me?) kæra sig um
    - carefully
    - carefulness
    - careless
    - carelessly
    - carelessness
    - carefree
    - caregiver
    - caretaker
    - careworn
    - care for
    - care of
    - take care
    - take care of

    English-Icelandic dictionary > care

  • 8 ceremonious

    adjective ((negative unceremonious) carefully formal or polite.) formlega kurteis

    English-Icelandic dictionary > ceremonious

  • 9 choose

    [ u:z]
    past tense - chose; verb
    1) (to take (one thing rather than another from a number of things) according to what one wants: Always choose (a book) carefully.) velja
    2) (to decide (on one course of action rather than another): If he chooses to resign, let him do so.) velja, ákveða

    English-Icelandic dictionary > choose

  • 10 cogitate

    (to think carefully.) íhuga

    English-Icelandic dictionary > cogitate

  • 11 consider

    1) (to think about (carefully): He considered their comments.) athuga; íhuga
    2) (to feel inclined towards: I'm considering leaving this job.) íhuga
    3) (to take into account: You must consider other people's feelings.) taka tillit til
    4) (to regard as being: They consider him unfit for that job.) álíta
    - considerably

    English-Icelandic dictionary > consider

  • 12 deliberately

    1) (on purpose: You did that deliberately!) viljandi
    2) (carefully and without hurrying: He spoke quietly and deliberately.) yfirvegað; rólega

    English-Icelandic dictionary > deliberately

  • 13 ease

    [i:z] 1. noun
    1) (freedom from pain or from worry or hard work: a lifetime of ease.) vellíðan, þægindi
    2) (freedom from difficulty: He passed his exam with ease.) áreynsluleysi; hægð
    3) (naturalness: ease of manner.) frjálsleg framkoma; hispursleysi
    2. verb
    1) (to free from pain, trouble or anxiety: A hot bath eased his tired limbs.) lina, draga úr
    2) ((often with off) to make or become less strong, less severe, less fast etc: The pain has eased (off); The driver eased off as he approached the town.) draga úr, lina, milda
    3) (to move (something heavy or awkward) gently or gradually in or out of position: They eased the wardrobe carefully up the narrow staircase.) mjaka
    - easiness
    - easy
    3. interjection
    (a command to go or act gently: Easy! You'll fall if you run too fast.) varlega! rólega
    - easy-going
    - at ease
    - easier said than done
    - go easy on
    - stand at ease
    - take it easy
    - take one's ease

    English-Icelandic dictionary > ease

  • 14 economise

    verb (to spend money or goods carefully: We must economize on fuel.) spara, fara sparlega með

    English-Icelandic dictionary > economise

  • 15 economize

    verb (to spend money or goods carefully: We must economize on fuel.) spara, fara sparlega með

    English-Icelandic dictionary > economize

  • 16 elaborate

    1. [i'læbəreit] verb
    1) (to work out or describe (a plan etc) in detail: He elaborated his theory.) setja saman í smáatriðum; gera ítarlega grein fyrir
    2) ((especially with on) to discuss details: She elaborated on the next day's menu.) ræða í smáatriðum
    2. [-rət] adjective
    1) (very detailed or complicated: an elaborate design.) mjög flókin, mikið af smáatriðum
    2) (carefully planned: elaborate plans for escape.) ítarlegur
    - elaboration

    English-Icelandic dictionary > elaborate

  • 17 enunciate

    (to pronounce clearly and distinctly: He carefully enunciated each syllable of the word.) bera fram (skÿrt)

    English-Icelandic dictionary > enunciate

  • 18 examine

    1) (to look at closely; to inspect closely: They examined the animal tracks and decided that they were those of a fox.) athuga, skoða, kanna
    2) ((of a doctor) to inspect the body of thoroughly to check for disease etc: The doctor examined the child and said she was healthy.) skoða, athuga
    3) (to consider carefully: The police must examine the facts.) rannsaka
    4) (to test the knowledge or ability of (students etc): She examines pupils in mathematics.) prófa
    5) (to question: The lawyer examined the witness in the court case.) prófa, yfirheyra
    - examiner

    English-Icelandic dictionary > examine

  • 19 explore

    1) (to search or travel through (a place) for the purpose of discovery: The oceans have not yet been fully explored; Let's go exploring in the caves.) kanna
    2) (to examine carefully: I'll explore the possibilities of getting a job here.) kanna, athuga gaumgæfilega
    - exploratory
    - explorer

    English-Icelandic dictionary > explore

  • 20 feel

    past tense, past participle - felt; verb
    1) (to become aware of (something) by the sense of touch: She felt his hand on her shoulder.) finna
    2) (to find out the shape, size, texture etc of something by touching, usually with the hands: She felt the parcel carefully.) þreifa, snerta
    3) (to experience or be aware of (an emotion, sensation etc): He felt a sudden anger.) finna, upplifa
    4) (to think (oneself) to be: She feels sick; How does she feel about her work?) líða; finnast
    5) (to believe or consider: She feels that the firm treated her badly.) finnast
    - feeling
    - feel as if / as though
    - feel like
    - feel one's way
    - get the feel of

    English-Icelandic dictionary > feel

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