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air compressibility

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  • Compressibility — This article is about thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. For other uses, see Compression (disambiguation). Incompressibility redirects here. For the property of vector fields, see Solenoidal vector field. Thermodynamics …   Wikipedia

  • air temperature — The various types of temperatures include: i. Indicated air temperature (IAT). The uncorrected reading from the free air temperature gauge. ii. Basic air temperature (BAT). The indicated air temperature corrected for instrument error. iii. True… …   Aviation dictionary

  • compressibility error — An error in the airspeed indicator, which presumes that the air is incompressible. However, air is compressible and the higher the speed, the higher pressure it will indicate. An ASI (airspeed indicator) overreads because of the compressibility… …   Aviation dictionary

  • air( )speed — The speed of an aircraft relative to its surrounding air mass. The term air speed can mean any one of the following: indicated air speed, calibrated air speed, equivalent air speed, and true air speed. Indicated air speed (indicated air speed) or …   Aviation dictionary

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  • compressibility of air — The idea that air acts as an incompressible fluid at subsonic flow rates …   Aviation dictionary

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  • compressibility effect — noun : any of the effects (as abrupt changes in control characteristics) that result from changes in the flow field about an airplane when the velocity at some point in the field reaches the local speed of sound and the air ceases to behave as an …   Useful english dictionary

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