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  • 1 abroad

    1) (in or to another country: He lived abroad for many years.) în stră­i­nă­tate
    2) (current; going around: There's a rumour abroad that she is leaving.) peste tot

    English-Romanian dictionary > abroad

  • 2 avenue

    1) (a road, often with trees along either side.) alee
    2) ((often abbreviated to Ave. when written) a word used in the names of certain roads or streets: His address is 14 Swan Avenue.) stra­dă; bule­vard

    English-Romanian dictionary > avenue

  • 3 forefathers

    (ancestors: His forefathers emigrated to America.) stră­moşi

    English-Romanian dictionary > forefathers

  • 4 glowing

    adjective glowing colours.) stră­lucitor

    English-Romanian dictionary > glowing

  • 5 great-

    (separated by one generation more than (an uncle, grandfather etc): A great-uncle is one's father's or mother's uncle; a great-grandchild.) stră-, ante-­

    English-Romanian dictionary > great-

  • 6 ploy

    1) (a plan; a manoeuvre: She uses various ploys for getting her own way.) stra­ta­gemă
    2) (a piece of business; a little task: The children were off on some ploy of their own.) treabă

    English-Romanian dictionary > ploy

  • 7 shining

    adjective (very bright and clear; producing or reflecting light; polished: a shining star; The windows were clean and shining.) stră­lucitor

    English-Romanian dictionary > shining

  • 8 show

    [ʃəu] 1. past tense - showed; verb
    1) (to allow or cause to be seen: Show me your new dress; Please show your membership card when you come to the club; His work is showing signs of improvement.) a arăta
    2) (to be able to be seen: The tear in your dress hardly shows; a faint light showing through the curtains.) a se vedea
    3) (to offer or display, or to be offered or displayed, for the public to look at: Which picture is showing at the cinema?; They are showing a new film; His paintings are being shown at the art gallery.) a (se) juca; a rula; a expune
    4) (to point out or point to: He showed me the road to take; Show me the man you saw yesterday.) a indica
    5) ((often with (a)round) to guide or conduct: Please show this lady to the door; They showed him (a)round (the factory).) a conduce
    6) (to demonstrate to: Will you show me how to do it?; He showed me a clever trick.) a demon­stra
    7) (to prove: That just shows / goes to show how stupid he is.) a dovedi
    8) (to give or offer (someone) kindness etc: He showed him no mercy.) a acorda
    2. noun
    1) (an entertainment, public exhibition, performance etc: a horse-show; a flower show; the new show at the theatre; a TV show.) ex­po­ziţie, spectacol
    2) (a display or act of showing: a show of strength.) demonstraţie
    3) (an act of pretending to be, do etc (something): He made a show of working, but he wasn't really concentrating.) demonstraţie
    4) (appearance, impression: They just did it for show, in order to make themselves seem more important than they are.) aparenţă
    5) (an effort or attempt: He put up a good show in the chess competition.) (a face) figură fru­moasă
    - showiness
    - show-business
    - showcase
    - showdown
    - showground
    - show-jumping
    - showman
    - showroom
    - give the show away
    - good show!
    - on show
    - show off
    - show up

    English-Romanian dictionary > show

  • 9 steady

    ['stedi] 1. adjective
    1) ((negative unsteady) firmly fixed, balanced or controlled: The table isn't steady; You need a steady hand to be a surgeon.) ferm
    2) (regular or even: a steady temperature; He was walking at a steady pace.) regulat
    3) (unchanging or constant: steady faith.) ne­stră­mutat
    4) ((of a person) sensible and hardworking in habits etc: a steady young man.) serios
    2. verb
    (to make or become steady: He stumbled but managed to steady himself; His heart-beat gradually steadied.) a (se) calma
    - steadiness
    - steady on! - steady !

    English-Romanian dictionary > steady

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