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  • 1 speeding

    noun (driving at (an illegally) high speed: He was fined for speeding.) překročení rychlosti
    * * *
    • rychlá jízda

    English-Czech dictionary > speeding

  • 2 speed

    [spi:d] 1. noun
    1) (rate of moving: a slow speed; The car was travelling at high speed.) rychlost
    2) (quickness of moving.) rychlost
    2. verb
    1) ((past tense, past participles sped [sped] speeded) to (cause to) move or progress quickly; to hurry: The car sped/speeded along the motorway.) uhánět
    2) ((past tense, past participle speeded) to drive very fast in a car etc, faster than is allowed by law: The policeman said that I had been speeding.) překročit povolenou rychlost
    - speedy
    - speedily
    - speediness
    - speed bump
    - speed trap
    - speedometer
    - speed up
    * * *
    • rychlost
    • speed/sped/sped

    English-Czech dictionary > speed

  • 3 caution

    ['ko:ʃən] 1. noun
    1) (carefulness (because of possible danger etc): Exercise caution when crossing this road.) opatrnost
    2) (in law, a warning: The policeman gave him a caution for speeding.) varování, výstraha
    2. verb
    (to give a warning to: He was cautioned for drunken driving.) varovat
    - cautious
    - cautiously
    * * *
    • varování
    • varovat
    • výstraha
    • záruka
    • opatrnost
    • obezřetnost

    English-Czech dictionary > caution

  • 4 warn

    [wo:n] 1. verb
    1) (to tell (a person) in advance (about a danger etc): Black clouds warned us of the approaching storm; They warned her that she would be ill if she didn't rest.) varovat
    2) (to advise (someone against doing something): I was warned about/against speeding by the policeman; They warned him not to be late.) upozornit
    2. adjective
    (giving a warning: She received a warning message.) varovný
    * * *
    • upozornit
    • varovat
    • alarmovat

    English-Czech dictionary > warn

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