Перевод: с английского на немецкий

с немецкого на английский


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  • play a straight bat — 1. to avoid answering someone s questions or giving them the information they want. When asked about the affair, he plays a straight bat. 2. someone who plays a straight bat is honest and has traditional ideas and beliefs. Wilf has played a… …   New idioms dictionary

  • Straight Bat — in Cricket (sport) is the position of the bat, after it is driven and when the bat is perpendicular to the ground at the point of impact with the ball so that the batsmen can play the ball along the ground. The upper hand is used to achieve… …   Wikipedia

  • straight bat — /streɪt ˈbæt/ (say strayt bat) –noun Cricket 1. a bat held in a defensive position vertical to the ground. 2. a bat moving in a curve vertical to the ground as for a drive. –phrase 3. play (with) a straight bat, Colloquial to act honestly,… …  

  • straight — /streɪt / (say strayt) adjective 1. without a bend, crook, or curve; not curved; direct: a straight path. 2. flat; horizontal. 3. Cricket a. (of a bat) held perpendicular to the ground. b. (of a stroke) playing the ball down the wicket past the… …  

  • Composite baseball bat — Composite baseball bats incorporate a recent advancement in the technology of aluminum baseball bats for high school and collegiate players. In general, composite bats are constructed with the same aluminum exterior as standard aluminum baseball… …   Wikipedia

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  • Interleague play — is the term used to describe regular season Major League Baseball games played between teams in different leagues, introduced in by|1997. Before the 1997 season, teams in the American League and National League did not meet during the regular… …   Wikipedia

  • dead bat — /dɛd ˈbæt/ (say ded bat) –noun 1. Cricket a bat held straight with such a light grip that it yields to the pressure of the ball which loses momentum and falls to the ground. –phrase 2. play (with) a dead bat, Colloquial to refuse to respond to a… …  

  • Glossary of cricket terms — Cricket is a team sport played between two teams of eleven. It is known for its rich terminology.[1][2][3] Some terms are often thought to be arcane and humorous by those not familiar with the game.[4] This is a general glossary of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Batting (cricket) — The basics of batting. Andrew Strauss batting for England during the 2005 NatWest Series In the sport of cricket, batting is the act or skill of hitting t …   Wikipedia

  • cricket — cricket1 cricketlike, adj. /krik it/, n. 1. any of several jumping, orthopterous insects of the family Gryllidae, characterized by long antennae and stridulating organs on the forewings of the male, as one of the species commonly found in… …   Universalium

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