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fixed datum

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  • Datum Peak — (77°58′S 163°48′E / 77.967°S 163.8°E / 77.967; 163.8) is a peak (1,575 m) near the southwest extremity of Hobbs Ridge, rising above the south side of Gauss Glacier, 1.6 nautical miles (3.0 km) west of Williams Pea …   Wikipedia

  • datum — ► NOUN (pl. data) 1) a piece of information. 2) an assumption or premise from which inferences may be drawn. 3) a fixed starting point of a scale or operation. ORIGIN Latin, something given …   English terms dictionary

  • datum — (Lat., what is given) A piece of evidence considered as fixed for the purpose in hand. What is taken as a datum may change as changes of theory and evidence arise. Something would be absolutely a datum if it were incorrigible, but many theorists… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • datum — n. (pl. data: see DATA as main entry). 1 a piece of information. 2 a thing known or granted; an assumption or premiss from which inferences may be drawn (see sense datum). 3 a fixed starting point of a scale etc. (datum line). Etymology: L, =… …   Useful english dictionary

  • datum line — noun A fixed, measurable line, used as a reference from which angular or linear measurements are taken …   Wiktionary

  • datum — [ deɪtəm] noun (plural data) See also data. 1》 a piece of information. 2》 an assumption or premise from which inferences may be drawn. 3》 a fixed starting point of a scale or operation. Origin C18: from L., lit. something given …   English new terms dictionary

  • North American Vertical Datum of 1988 — Geodesy Fundamentals Geodesy · …   Wikipedia

  • Plumb-bob — A plumb bob or a plummet is a weight with a pointed tip on the bottom that is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line.This instrument has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians by bricklayers, masons, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Angle of attack — In this diagram, the black lines represent the flow of a fluid around a two dimensional airfoil shape. The angle α is the angle of attack. Angle of attack (AOA, α, Greek letter alpha) is a term used in fluid dynamics to describe the angle between …   Wikipedia

  • omnibearing indicator — An indicator that gives bearing information by a pointer rotating over a fixed compass card or a rotating card against a fixed datum. VOR (very high frequency omnidirectional radio range) bearings are magnetic bearings on an OBI, whereas the… …   Aviation dictionary

  • cruising altitude — That altitude selected by a pilot or assigned to him or her by the concerned ATC (air traffic control) authority for flying from the top of the climb to the top of the descent. This altitude has been (or is intended to be) maintained during… …   Aviation dictionary

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