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  • 1 entry

    plural - entries; noun
    1) ((an) act of coming in or going in: They were silenced by the entry of the headmaster.) vstup
    2) (the right to enter: We can't go in - the sign says `No Entry'.) vstup
    3) (place of entrance, especially a passage or small entrance hall: Don't bring your bike in here - leave it in the entry.) vchod
    4) (a person or thing entered for a competition etc: There are forty-five entries for the painting competition.) přihlášený; uchazeč, -ka
    5) (something written in a list in a book etc: Some of the entries in the cash-book are inaccurate.) zápis
    * * *
    • vstup
    • záznam
    • nástup

    English-Czech dictionary > entry

  • 2 entry-level

    • vstupní úroveň

    English-Czech dictionary > entry-level

  • 3 entry pass

    • průkazka

    English-Czech dictionary > entry pass

  • 4 entry visa

    • vstupní vízum

    English-Czech dictionary > entry visa

  • 5 re-entry

    noun The spaceship's re-entry will take place tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock.) návrat
    * * *
    • návrat

    English-Czech dictionary > re-entry

  • 6 double entry

    • podvojné účetnictví

    English-Czech dictionary > double entry

  • 7 pass for entry

    • průkazka

    English-Czech dictionary > pass for entry

  • 8 port of entry

    • celní přístav

    English-Czech dictionary > port of entry

  • 9 single entry

    • jednoduchý záznam
    • jednoduché účetnictví

    English-Czech dictionary > single entry

  • 10 access

    1) (way or right of approach or entry: We gained access to the house through a window.) přístup
    2) (way or right to meet (someone) or use (something): Senior students have access to the library at weekends.) přístup
    - accessible
    - accessibility
    * * *
    • přístup

    English-Czech dictionary > access

  • 11 credit

    ['kredit] 1. noun
    1) (time allowed for payment of goods etc after they have been received: We don't give credit at this shop.) úvěr
    2) (money loaned (by a bank).) úvěr
    3) (trustworthiness regarding ability to pay for goods etc: Your credit is good.) důvěra; kredit
    4) ((an entry on) the side of an account on which payments received are entered: Our credits are greater than our debits.) strana,Dal``, položka na straně,Dal``
    5) (the sum of money which someone has in an account at a bank: Your credit amounts to 2,014 dollars.) zůstatek ve prospěch, věřitelský účet
    6) (belief or trust: This theory is gaining credit.) důvěra, víra
    7) ((American) a certificate to show that a student has completed a course which counts towards his degree.) zápočet
    2. verb
    1) (to enter (a sum of money) on the credit side (of an account): This cheque was credited to your account last month.) připsat na účet
    2) ((with with) to think of (a person or thing) as having: He was credited with magical powers.) připisovat (komu)
    3) (to believe (something) to be possible: Well, would you credit that!) věřit
    - creditably
    - creditor
    - credits
    - credit card
    - be a credit to someone
    - be a credit to
    - do someone credit
    - do credit
    - give someone credit for something
    - give credit for something
    - give someone credit
    - give credit
    - on credit
    - take the credit for something
    - take credit for something
    - take the credit
    - take credit
    * * *
    • úvěr
    • příspěvek
    • kredit
    • čest

    English-Czech dictionary > credit

  • 12 debit

    ['debit] 1. noun
    (an entry on the side of an account which records what is owed: His debits outnumbered his credits.) pasivum; dluh
    2. verb
    (to enter or record on this side of an account.) připsat na vrub
    * * *
    • dluh
    • debet

    English-Czech dictionary > debit

  • 13 entries

    plural; see entry
    * * *
    • vstupy
    • zápisy
    • položky

    English-Czech dictionary > entries

  • 14 fanfare

    (a short piece of music played by trumpets etc at the entry of a king or queen during a ceremony etc.) fanfára
    * * *
    • tuš
    • fanfára

    English-Czech dictionary > fanfare

  • 15 open

    ['əupən] 1. adjective
    1) (not shut, allowing entry or exit: an open box; The gate is wide open.) otevřený
    2) (allowing the inside to be seen: an open book.) otevřený
    3) (ready for business etc: The shop is open on Sunday afternoons; After the fog had cleared, the airport was soon open again; The gardens are open to the public.) otevřený
    4) (not kept secret: an open show of affection.) zjevný
    5) (frank: He was very open with me about his work.) otevřený
    6) (still being considered etc: Leave the matter open.) otevřený
    7) (empty, with no trees, buildings etc: I like to be out in the open country; an open space.) otevřený
    2. verb
    1) (to make or become open: He opened the door; The door opened; The new shop opened last week.) otevřít
    2) (to begin: He opened the meeting with a speech of welcome.) otevřít, zahájit
    - opening
    - openly
    - open-air
    - open-minded
    - open-plan
    - be an open secret
    - bring something out into the open
    - bring out into the open
    - in the open
    - in the open air
    - keep/have an open mind
    - open on to
    - the open sea
    - open to
    - open up
    - with open arms
    * * *
    • upřímný
    • zahájit
    • širý
    • odhalit
    • otevřený
    • otevírat
    • otvírat
    • odkrýt
    • otevřít

    English-Czech dictionary > open

  • 16 re-enter

    (to enter again: The spaceship will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere tomorrow.) vstoupit znovu
    * * *
    • znovu vstoupit

    English-Czech dictionary > re-enter

  • 17 restricted

    1) (limited; narrow, small: a restricted space.) omezený
    2) (to which entry has been restricted to certain people: The battlefield was a restricted zone.) vyhrazený; zakázaný
    3) (in which certain restrictions (eg a speed limit) apply: a restricted area.) s omezenou rychlostí
    * * *
    • zakázaný
    • omezen

    English-Czech dictionary > restricted

  • 18 submit

    past tense, past participle - submitted; verb
    1) (to yield to control or to a particular kind of treatment by another person etc: I refuse to submit to his control; The rebels were ordered to submit.) podrobit se
    2) (to offer (a plan, suggestion, proposal, entry etc): Competitors for the painting competition must submit their entries by Friday.) předložit
    - submissive
    - submissively
    - submissiveness
    * * *
    • podat
    • předložit

    English-Czech dictionary > submit

  • 19 to date

    (up to the present time: This is the best entry we've received to date.) dodnes, až dosud
    * * *
    • dosud

    English-Czech dictionary > to date

  • 20 muscle in

    ( often with on) (to gain entry, or gain a share of something by force: The large firms have muscled in on all the important contracts.) vedrat se (do)

    English-Czech dictionary > muscle in

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