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deputy governor

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  • Deputy Governor — A Deputy governor is a gubernatorial official who is subordinated to a governor, rather like a Lieutenant governor. Contents 1 British colonial cases 2 Governor s deputy 3 References 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Deputy Governor of the British Virgin Islands — Deputy Governor of the British Virgin Islands. This position was established in 1977. The post of Deputy Governor is the highest administrative post to be held by a Virgin Islander. Below is a list of office holders: Name Entered Office Left… …   Wikipedia

  • Charles Ward (Deputy Governor of Bombay) — Charles Ward was the Deputy Governor of Bombay from 1682 to 1683. He was appointed to the office by his brother in law John Child with the intention that he should reduce the costs of operations for the East India Company in Bombay. The prospect… …   Wikipedia

  • Governor-General of Finland — ( fi. Suomen kenraalikuvernööri; sv. Generalguvernör av Finland) was the military commander and the highest administrator of Finland sporadically under Swedish rule in the 17th and 18th centuries and continuously in the autonomous Grand Duchy of… …   Wikipedia

  • Governor of Penang — Founding of Prince of Wales IslandSixteenth century Portuguese traders from Goa, India sailing to the Far East in search of spices and needing a place to replenish their water supplies referred to it as Pulo Pinaom. Sir James Lancaster commander… …   Wikipedia

  • Governor — For other uses, see governor (disambiguation). A governor (from French gouverneur) is a governing official, usually the executive (at least nominally, to different degrees also politically and administratively) of a non sovereign level of… …   Wikipedia

  • Governor-General of Australia — Infobox vice regal fedrealm = Australia crest = AusGG crest.png incumbent = Quentin Bryce his/her = Her style = Australia appointed by = Queen Elizabeth II first gg = John Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun date = 1 January 1901The Governor General of… …   Wikipedia

  • Deputy lieutenant — Lieutenant Lieu*ten ant (l[ u]*t[e^]n ant), n. [F., fr. lieu place + tenant holding, p. pr. of tenir to hold, L. tenere. See {Lieu}, and {Tenant}, and cf. {Locum tenens}.] 1. An officer who supplies the place of a superior in his absence; a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Governor-General — The term governor general or governor general refers to a vice regal representative of a Monarch in an independent realm or a major colonial circonscription. A governor general is a governor of high rank, or a principal governor ranking above… …   Wikipedia

  • Deputy Prime Minister of Canada — Ministry Federal Incumbent Vacant (as of February 2006) …   Wikipedia

  • Deputy Premier of New South Wales — Ministry State …   Wikipedia

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