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crossflow conditions

  • 1 crossflow conditions

    Авиасловарь > crossflow conditions

  • 2 condition

    2. состояние; положение; обстановка
    condition for a nontrivial solution
    condition of optimality
    1-g condition
    20-deg angle-of-attack condition
    aim conditions
    airworthy condition
    altitude condition
    approach conditions
    asymmetric wing sweep conditions
    austere conditions
    begin cruise conditions
    below-stall condition
    best-range conditions
    boundary conditions
    caution conditions
    ceiling conditions
    CFL condition
    climb condition
    continuity condition
    Courant-Friedrichs-Levi condition
    crossflow conditions
    cruise condition
    cruise conditions
    day conditions
    deep-stalled condition
    departure conditions
    Dirichlet condition
    displacement boundary conditions
    divergence condition
    divergent condition
    dutch roll condition
    elevator-free condition
    engine-out condition
    environmental condition
    equilibrium condition
    failure conditions
    far-field boundary condition
    fatigue condition
    final conditions
    flexural conditions
    flight condition
    flight conditions
    flow conditions
    flow tangency condition
    flutter conditions
    flutter onset conditions
    flyaway condition
    foggy conditions
    force boundary conditions
    free-flight condition
    free-free boundary conditions
    freestream condition
    freestream conditions
    full-down condition
    full-scale conditions
    high conditions
    high-angle-of-attack conditions
    high-maneuver-lift conditions
    high-drag condition
    high-g conditions
    hot conditions
    hover condition
    hover-flight condition
    icing conditions
    initial steady-flight conditions
    instrument conditions
    instrument meteorological conditions
    Kuhn-Tucker conditions
    Kutta condition
    Kutta-Zhukowsky condition
    landing condition
    landing conditions
    launch conditions
    lift condition
    lift-equal-to-weight condition
    lighting conditions
    lightning conditions
    limit condition
    load conditions
    loading conditions
    longitudinally trimmed condition
    low-angle-of-attack conditions
    low-visibility conditions
    low-light conditions
    low-speed conditions
    maneuver condition
    maneuver entry conditions
    maneuvering condition
    maximum endurance conditions
    meteorological conditions
    minimum drag condition
    mission abort conditions
    near-field boundary conditions
    Neumann boundary condition
    neutral backside condition
    no-slip condition
    no-wind conditions
    no-windshear condition
    nonmaneuver conditions
    nonpowered-lift condition
    off-design conditions
    off-nominal conditions
    omega condition
    operating condition
    operational condition
    optimality condition
    oscillatory condition
    out-of-balance condition
    out-of-trim condition
    overheat condition
    overload conditions
    overtemperature condition
    periodicity condition
    post-stall condition
    postcrash conditions
    powered-lift condition
    pre-stall condition
    pull-up condition
    quasi-steady-state condition
    Rankine-Hugoniot conditions
    resonant condition
    restraint conditions
    rotating conditions
    scaling condition
    sea-level conditions
    shock-on-lip condition
    simulator conditions
    sliding condition
    slip condition
    slow flight conditions
    stalled condition
    stalled conditions
    steady-state condition
    STOL conditions
    straight-and-level conditions
    stress condition
    subcritical conditions
    supercritical condition
    supersonic conditions
    supersonic leading-edge condition
    support conditions
    system-off condition
    tailwind conditions
    takeoff conditions
    task conditions
    temperature jump condition
    terminal condition
    tip conditions
    transient condition
    transonic condition
    transpiration condition
    transversality condition
    Tresca`s yield condition
    trim condition
    trimmed condition
    tropical day conditions
    unaugmented flutter condition
    unstable condition
    viewing conditions
    visibility conditions
    visual contact conditions
    wake conditions
    washout condition
    weather conditions
    wind conditions
    wind shear conditions
    wing-leveled condition
    wing rock condition
    wings-level condition
    working conditions
    zero-wind conditions

    Авиасловарь > condition

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