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  • 1 checked

    1. चारखाने\checkedवाला
    He was wearing a checked shirt.

    English-Hindi dictionary > checked

  • 2 checked out

    1. बिल\checked outभरकर\checked outजगह\checked outखाली\checked outकरना
    He checked out of the hotel yesterday.

    English-Hindi dictionary > checked out

  • 3 shop floor

    1. कार्यशाला
    A shop floor worker is paid very little.
    The shop floor must be checked periodically to prevent the formation of a labour union.

    English-Hindi dictionary > shop floor

  • 4 auditor

    1. लेखा\auditorपरीक्षक
    The auditors checked company's accounts.
    2. श्रोता

    English-Hindi dictionary > auditor

  • 5 check in/into

    1. अतिथि\check in/intoके\check in/intoरूप\check in/intoमें\check in/intoनाम\check in/intoदर्ज\check in/intoकरना
    Passengers checked in for Air India flight to NewYork.

    English-Hindi dictionary > check in/into

  • 6 check off

    1. सही\check offका\check offचिह्न\check offलगाना
    All the items in the list has been checked off by father.

    English-Hindi dictionary > check off

  • 7 check on

    1. सत्य\check onकी\check onजाँच\check onकरना
    The police checked on the murder case.

    English-Hindi dictionary > check on

  • 8 check sth out

    1. जाँच\check sth outकरना
    The doctor checked out the cause of the rashes on the skin.

    English-Hindi dictionary > check sth out

  • 9 check up

    1. जाँच\check upकरना
    The doctor checked up my sore throat.

    English-Hindi dictionary > check up

  • 10 cross-check

    1. विविध\cross-checkप्रकार\cross-checkसे\cross-checkजाँच\cross-checkकरना
    He has cross-checked his answers by using a calculator.

    English-Hindi dictionary > cross-check

  • 11 dossier

    1. फाइल
    The committee thoroughly checked the dossiers of all the applicants.

    English-Hindi dictionary > dossier

  • 12 flooding

    1. बाढ़\floodingआना
    Since no proper precautions were taken in advance the flooding of the area could not be checked.

    English-Hindi dictionary > flooding

  • 13 gatekeeper

    1. द्वारपाल
    The gatekeeper checked everyone's identity card before letting anyone in.

    English-Hindi dictionary > gatekeeper

  • 14 guard

    1. चौकीदार
    The guard at the gate checked my identity papers before allowing me to enter.
    1. रखवाली\guardकरना
    I am guarding the field against any cattle intrusion.
    1. सचेत\guardरहना
    Guard yourself against diseases.

    English-Hindi dictionary > guard

  • 15 inhibiting

    1. रोकनेवाला
    The chairman checked the inhibiting factor in the plan.

    English-Hindi dictionary > inhibiting

  • 16 insufficiency

    1. कमी
    Insufficiency of essential commodities should be checked.

    English-Hindi dictionary > insufficiency

  • 17 insulin

    1. इन्सुलिन
    Insulin level should be often checked in diabetic patients..

    English-Hindi dictionary > insulin

  • 18 intra-uterine device

    1. गर्भनिरोधक\intra-uterine deviceउपकरण
    The knowledge of the use of intra-uterine device has checked the population.

    English-Hindi dictionary > intra-uterine device

  • 19 inundation

    1. बाढ
    inundation of low lying land should be checked.

    English-Hindi dictionary > inundation

  • 20 invader

    1. आक्रमणकारी
    Invaders were checked by the army in the border.

    English-Hindi dictionary > invader

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