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buying (verb)

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  • Buying in — has several meanings: *In the securities market it refers to a process by which the buyer of securities, whose seller fails to deliver the securities contracted for, can buy in the securities from a third party with the defaulting seller to make… …   Wikipedia

  • Japanese verb conjugations and adjective declensions — This page is a list of Japanese verb and adjective conjugations. Since these are almost all regular, they can all be included on one page. Japanese verb conjugation is the same for all subjects, first person ( I , we ), second person ( you , ye ) …   Wikipedia

  • bulk buying — noun the purchase of goods in large amounts, typically at a discount. Derivatives bulk buy verb …   English new terms dictionary

  • bulk-buy — [c]/bʌlk ˈbaɪ/ (say bulk buy) verb (bulk bought, bulk buying) –verb (i) 1. to buy in large quantities. –verb (t) 2. to buy (a commodity) in large quantities …  

  • buy — [c]/baɪ / (say buy) verb (bought /bɔt/ (say bawt), buying) –verb (t) 1. to acquire the possession of, or the right to, by paying an equivalent, especially in money. 2. to acquire by giving any kind of recompense: to buy favour with flattery. 3.… …  

  • buy in — verb amass so as to keep for future use or sale or for a particular occasion or use let s stock coffee as long as prices are low • Syn: ↑stock, ↑stock up • Derivationally related forms: ↑stock (for: ↑stock), ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • buy up — verb take over ownership of; of corporations and companies (Freq. 2) • Syn: ↑take over, ↑buy out • Derivationally related forms: ↑buyout (for: ↑buy out), ↑takeover …   Useful english dictionary

  • put down — verb 1. cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place (Freq. 6) set down your bags here • Syn: ↑set down, ↑place down • Hypernyms: ↑put, ↑set, ↑place, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • scalping — buying up the good IPOs. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary The practice of trading in and out of the market on very small price fluctuations. Scalping normally involves establishing and liquidating positions quickly, usually within the same day,… …   Financial and business terms

  • run up — verb 1. pile up (debts or scores) (Freq. 2) • Hypernyms: ↑roll up, ↑collect, ↑accumulate, ↑pile up, ↑amass, ↑compile, ↑hoard • …   Useful english dictionary

  • close — verb (closed, closing) –verb (t) /kloʊz / (say klohz) 1. to stop or obstruct (a gap, entrance, aperture, etc.). 2. to stop or obstruct the entrances, apertures, or gaps in. 3. to shut in or surround on all sides; enclose; cover in. 4. to refuse… …  

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