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burst transfer

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  • Burst mode (computing) — Burst mode (alternatively burst mode, with a hyphen) is a generic computing term referring to any situation in which a device is transmitting data repeatedly without waiting for input from another device or waiting for an internal process to… …   Wikipedia

  • Hohmann transfer orbit — In astronautics and aerospace engineering, the Hohmann transfer orbit is an orbital maneuver using two engine impulses which, under standard assumptions, move a spacecraft between two coplanar circular orbits. This maneuver was named after Walter …   Wikipedia

  • Isochronous burst transmission — is a method of data transmission. In a data network where the information bearer channel rate is higher than the input data signaling rate, transmission is performed by interrupting, at controlled intervals, the data stream being transmitted.… …   Wikipedia

  • Pipeline burst cache — A pipeline burst cache is a type of cache in which successive cache transfers after the initial transfer have a reduced latency. The first implementation of this type of cache was in the Intel Pentium microprocessor. External links *… …   Wikipedia

  • Packet Burst Protocol —    Abbreviated PBP. A Novell NetWare protocol built on top of IPX that speeds up the transfer of multipacket NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) data transfers between a workstation and a server by removing the need to sequence and acknowledge every… …   Dictionary of networking

  • pipeline burst cache —    A secondary or L2 cache associated with a microprocessor that allows fast data transfer rates. Pipeline burst cache requires RAM chips that can synchronize with the microprocessor s clock …   Dictionary of networking

  • Parallel ATA — ATA connector on the right, with two motherboard ATA sockets on the left. Type …   Wikipedia

  • AT Attachment — Infobox connector name=AT Attachment with Packet Interface type=Internal storage device connector logo= caption=ATA connector on the left, with two motherboard ATA connectors on the right. designer=Western Digital, subsequently amended by many… …   Wikipedia

  • Castlewood Orb Drive — Orb Drive External SCSI The Orb Drive was a 3.5 removable hard disk drive introduced by Castlewood Systems in 1999. Its original capacity was 2.2 GB. A later version of the drive was introduced in 2001 with a capacity of 5.7 GB …   Wikipedia

  • DDR SDRAM — This article is about DDR SDRAM. For graphics DDR, see GDDR. Generic DDR 266 Memory in the 184pin DIMM form …   Wikipedia

  • SxS — is a flash memory standard compliant to the ExpressCard standard created by Sony and Sandisk. According to Sandisk and Sony the cards will have transfer rates of 800 Mbit/s and burst transfer rate of up to 2.5 Gbit/s. [… …   Wikipedia

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