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  • 1 bowls

    gra f w kule
    * * *
    noun singular (a game played on a smooth green with bowls having a bias: a game of bowls.) gra w kule

    English-Polish dictionary > bowls

  • 2 bowl

    [bəul] 1. n
    (for/of food) miska f; ( small) miseczka f; ( for washing) miednica f; (SPORT) kula f; ( of pipe) główka f; (US) stadion m ( o budowie amfiteatralnej)
    Phrasal Verbs:
    * * *
    I 1. [bəul] noun
    (a wooden ball rolled along the ground in playing bowls. See also bowls below.) kula do gry w kręgle
    2. verb
    1) (to play bowls.) grać w kręgle
    2) (to deliver or send (a ball) towards the batsman in cricket.) zaserwować w krykiecie
    3) (to put (a batsman) out by hitting the wicket with the ball: Smith was bowled for eighty-five (= Smith was put out after making eighty-five runs).) wykluczyć, wybić, wyeliminować
    - bowling
    - bowls
    - bowling-alley
    - bowling-green
    - bowl over
    II [bəul] noun
    1) (a round, deep dish eg for mixing or serving food etc: a baking-bowl; a soup bowl.) misa, półmisek, głęboki talerz
    2) (a round hollow part, especially of a tobacco pipe, a spoon etc: The bowl of this spoon is dirty.) wgłębienie

    English-Polish dictionary > bowl

  • 3 bias

    ( prejudice) uprzedzenie nt; ( preference) przychylność f
    * * *
    1. noun
    1) (favouring of one or other (side in an argument etc) rather than remaining neutral: a bias against people of other religions.) stronniczość, uprzedzenie
    2) (a weight on or in an object (eg a bowl for playing bowls) making it move in a particular direction.) obciążenie
    2. verb
    (to influence (usually unfairly): He was biased by the report in the newspapers.) nastawić niechętnie
    - biassed
    - biased

    English-Polish dictionary > bias

  • 4 bowling

    ( game) kręgle pl
    * * *
    noun ((see also ninepins) the game of skittles, bowls or something similar.) kręgle

    English-Polish dictionary > bowling

  • 5 bowling-alley

    1) (a long narrow set of wooden boards along which one bowls at skittles.) tor
    2) (a building which contains several of these.) kręgielnia

    English-Polish dictionary > bowling-alley

  • 6 bowling-green

    noun (a smooth piece of grass for playing bowls on.) trawa do gry w kule

    English-Polish dictionary > bowling-green

  • 7 jack

    [dʒæk] 1. n ( AUT)
    podnośnik m, lewarek m; (CARDS) walet m; (BOWLS) biała kula, do której celują grający
    2. vt
    Phrasal Verbs:
    * * *
    1) (an instrument for lifting up a motor car or other heavy weight: You should always keep a jack in the car in case you need to change a wheel.) lewarek, podnośnik
    2) (the playing-card between the ten and queen, sometimes called the knave: The jack, queen and king are the three face cards.) walet

    English-Polish dictionary > jack

  • 8 papier-mâché

    masa f papierowa, papier mâché nt inv
    * * *
    noun, adjective
    ((of) a substance consisting of paper mixed together with some kind of glue, which can be made into models, bowls, boxes etc.) papier mach\'e, tektura

    English-Polish dictionary > papier-mâché

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