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bottleneck machine

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  • Shifting bottleneck heuristic — The Shifting Bottleneck Heuristic is a procedure intended to minimize the time it takes to do work, or specifically, the makespan in a job shop. The makespan is defined as the amount of time, from start to finish, to complete a set of multi… …   Wikipedia

  • Information bottleneck method — The information bottleneck method is a technique introduced by Tishby et al [1] for finding the best tradeoff between accuracy and complexity (compression) when summarizing (e.g. clustering) a random variable X, given a joint probability… …   Wikipedia

  • IAS machine — The IAS machine was the first electronic digital computer built by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), Princeton, NJ, USA. The paper describing the design of the IAS machine was edited by John von Neumann, (see Von Neumann architecture), a… …   Wikipedia

  • carding machine — card2 (defs. 1, 2). [1780 90] * * * Machine for carding textile fibres. In the 18th century, hand carding was laborious and constituted a bottleneck in the newly mechanized production of textiles. Several inventors worked to develop machines to… …   Universalium

  • theory of constraints — TOC A systematic approach that aims to identify and eliminate all bottlenecks in a production system. TOC aims to increase profits while simultaneously reducing stock levels and operating expenses. Examples of TOC solutions include: • providing… …   Accounting dictionary

  • theory of constraints — TOC An approach to the planning of production that focuses attention on the capacity constraints or bottlenecks that occur in the process, rather than attempting to maximize loading across the whole system. Examples of TOC solutions include: •… …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • Von Neumann architecture — The term Von Neumann architecture, aka the Von Neumann model, derives from a computer architecture proposal by the mathematician and early computer scientist John von Neumann and others, dated June 30, 1945, entitled First Draft of a Report on… …   Wikipedia

  • Word-sense disambiguation — Disambiguation redirects here. For other uses, see Disambiguation (disambiguation). In computational linguistics, word sense disambiguation (WSD) is an open problem of natural language processing, which governs the process of identifying which… …   Wikipedia

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  • Travelling salesman problem — The travelling salesman problem (TSP) is an NP hard problem in combinatorial optimization studied in operations research and theoretical computer science. Given a list of cities and their pairwise distances, the task is to find a shortest… …   Wikipedia

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