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  • 1 ancestry

    plural - ancestries; noun (a line of ancestors coming down to one's parents: He is of noble ancestry.) původ, rod
    * * *
    • původ

    English-Czech dictionary > ancestry

  • 2 ancestor

    ['ænsistə, ]( American[) -ses-]
    American - ancestress; noun
    (a person who was a member of one's family a long time ago and from whom one is descended.) předek
    - ancestry
    * * *
    • předek
    • praotec

    English-Czech dictionary > ancestor

  • 3 descent

    1) (the act of descending: The descent of the hill was quickly completed.) sestup
    2) (a slope: That is a steep descent.) svah
    3) (family; ancestry: She is of royal descent.) původ
    * * *
    • pokles
    • původ
    • sestup
    • sklon
    • klesání

    English-Czech dictionary > descent

  • 4 lineage

    noun (ancestry.) rodokmen
    * * *
    • poplatek
    • rodokmen

    English-Czech dictionary > lineage

  • 5 parentage

    noun (family or ancestry: a man of unknown parentage.) rodina, původ
    * * *
    • původ

    English-Czech dictionary > parentage

  • 6 pedigree

    ['pediɡri:] 1. noun
    1) (a list of the ancestors from whom a person or animal is descended: a dog's pedigree.) rodokmen
    2) (distinguished descent or ancestry: a man of pedigree.) urozený původ
    2. adjective
    ((of an animal) pure-bred; from a long line of ancestors of the same breed: a herd of pedigree cattle.) čistokrevný
    * * *
    • plemenný
    • původ
    • rodokmen

    English-Czech dictionary > pedigree

  • 7 ancestries

    plural; see ancestry

    English-Czech dictionary > ancestries

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