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  • 1 chem-milling

    obróbka chemiczna metali trawieniem

    English-Polish dictionary for engineers > chem-milling

  • 2 clavacin chem


    English-Polish dictionary for engineers > clavacin chem

  • 3 acid

    ['æsɪd] 1. adj ( CHEM)
    kwaśny, kwasowy; taste kwaśny, kwaskowy
    2. n ( CHEM)
    kwas m; ( inf) LSD nt inv
    * * *
    ['æsid] 1. adjective
    1) ((of taste) sharp or sour: Lemons and limes are acid fruits.) kwaśny
    2) (sarcastic: acid humour.) zgryźliwy
    2. noun
    (a substance, containing hydrogen, which will dissolve metals etc: She spilled some acid which burned a hole in her dress.) kwas

    English-Polish dictionary > acid

  • 4 acidity

    n ( CHEM)
    * * *
    noun (the quality of containing acid or too much acid.) kwasowość

    English-Polish dictionary > acidity

  • 5 activate

    mechanism uruchamiać (uruchomić perf); ( CHEM, PHYS) wzbudzać (wzbudzić perf)
    * * *
    (to put into force or operation: The smoke activated the fire alarms.) uruchamiać

    English-Polish dictionary > activate

  • 6 agent

    ( person) agent(ka) m(f); ( CHEM) środek m; ( fig) czynnik m
    * * *
    1) (a person or thing that acts: detergents and other cleaning agents.) działacz czynnik, środek
    2) (a person who acts for someone in business etc: our agent in London; a theatrical agent.) agent, przedstawiciel
    3) ((especially secret agent) a spy: an agent for the Russians.) agent
    - by/through the agency of

    English-Polish dictionary > agent

  • 7 alkali

    n ( CHEM)
    * * *
    (a substance, the opposite of acid, such as soda.) zasada

    English-Polish dictionary > alkali

  • 8 analyse

    (US analyze) vt
    situation, statistics analizować (przeanalizować perf); ( CHEM, MED) wykonywać (wykonać perf) analizę +gen; ( PSYCH) poddawać (poddać perf) psychoanalizie
    * * *
    verb (to examine the nature of (something) especially by breaking up (a whole) into parts: The doctor analysed the blood sample.) analizować, badać

    English-Polish dictionary > analyse

  • 9 carbon

    n ( CHEM)
    * * *
    (an element occurring as diamond and graphite and also in coal etc.) węgiel
    - carbon dioxide
    - carbon monoxide
    - carbon paper

    English-Polish dictionary > carbon

  • 10 caustic

    adj ( CHEM)
    kaustyczny, żrący; (fig: remark) uszczypliwy
    * * *
    1) (burning by chemical action: caustic soda.) kaustyczny
    2) ((of remarks) bitter or sarcastic: caustic comments.) cierpki

    English-Polish dictionary > caustic

  • 11 compound

    1. n ( CHEM)
    związek m; ( enclosure) ogrodzony or zamknięty teren m; ( LING) wyraz m złożony
    2. adj
    structure złożony; eye, leaf o złożonej budowie post
    3. [kəm'paund] vt ( fig)
    problem, difficulty pogłębiać; error zwiększać
    * * *
    I 1. adjective
    (composed of a number of parts: a compound substance.) złożony
    2. noun
    (a substance, word etc formed from two or more elements: The word racetrack is a compound; chemical compounds.) związek, złożenie
    II noun
    (a fenced or walled-in area, eg round a factory, school etc.) teren

    English-Polish dictionary > compound

  • 12 concentration

    skupienie nt, koncentracja f; ( CHEM) stężenie nt
    * * *
    noun She lacks concentration - she will never pass the exam.) koncentracja

    English-Polish dictionary > concentration

  • 13 conversion

    n ( CHEM)
    zamiana f, konwersja f; ( MATH) przeliczenie nt; ( REL) nawrócenie nt; ( BRIT) ( of house) przebudowa f, adaptacja f
    * * *
    [kən'və:ʃən, ]( American[) -ʒən]
    (the act of converting: his conversion to Christianity; the conversion of the house into a hotel.) przemiana, nawrócenie się

    English-Polish dictionary > conversion

  • 14 deposit

    [dɪ'pɔzɪt] 1. n
    ( in account) wkład m, lokata f; ( down payment) pierwsza wpłata f, zadatek m; ( for hired goods etc) kaucja f, zastaw m; ( CHEM) osad m; (of ore, oil) złoże nt
    2. vt
    money wpłacać (wpłacić perf), deponować (zdeponować perf); case etc oddawać (oddać perf) (na przechowanie); valuables deponować (zdeponować perf); river sand etc osadzać (osadzić perf)

    to put down a deposit of 50 poundswpłacać (wpłacić perf) kaucję w wysokości 50 funtów

    * * *
    [di'pozit] 1. verb
    1) (to put or set down: She deposited her shopping-basket in the kitchen.) umieszczać
    2) (to put in for safe keeping: He deposited the money in the bank.) składać
    2. noun
    1) (an act of putting money in a bank etc: She made several large deposits at the bank during that month.) wpłata
    2) (an act of paying money as a guarantee that money which is or will be owed will be paid: We have put down a deposit on a house in the country.) zastaw
    3) (the money put into a bank or paid as a guarantee in this way: We decided we could not afford to go on holiday and managed to get back the deposit which we had paid.) zastaw
    4) (a quantity of solid matter that has settled at the bottom of a liquid, or is left behind by a liquid: The flood-water left a yellow deposit over everything.) osad
    5) (a layer (of coal, iron etc) occurring naturally in rock: rich deposits of iron ore.) złoże

    English-Polish dictionary > deposit

  • 15 derivative

    [dɪ'rɪvətɪv] 1. n ( MATH, CHEM)
    pochodna f; ( LING) wyraz m pochodny, derywat m
    2. adj ( pej)
    wtórny, nieoryginalny
    * * *
    adjective (derived from something else and not original.) pochodny

    English-Polish dictionary > derivative

  • 16 discharge

    1. [dɪs'tʃɑːdʒ] vt
    duties wypełniać (wypełnić perf); debt spłacać (spłacić perf); waste wydalać (wydalić perf); patient wypisywać (wypisać perf); employee, defendant, soldier zwalniać (zwolnić perf)
    2. ['dɪstʃɑːdʒ] n ( CHEM)
    emisja f; ( ELEC) wyładowanie nt, rozładowanie nt; ( MED) wydzielina f, wysięk m; ( of patient) wypisanie nt (ze szpitala); (of defendant, soldier) zwolnienie nt
    * * *
    1. verb
    1) (to allow to leave; to dismiss: The soldier was discharged from the army; She was discharged from hospital.) zwalniać
    2) (to fire (a gun): He discharged his gun at the policeman.) strzelać z
    3) (to perform (a task etc): He discharges his duties well.) wykonywać
    4) (to pay (a debt).) uiszczać, spłacać
    5) (to (cause to) let or send out: The chimney was discharging clouds of smoke; The drain discharged into the street.) wypuszczać, wydostawać się
    2. noun
    1) ((an) act of discharging: He was given his discharge from the army; the discharge of one's duties.) zwolnienie
    2) (pus etc coming from eg a wound.) wydzielina

    English-Polish dictionary > discharge

  • 17 element

    ( part) element m; ( CHEM) pierwiastek m; (of heater, kettle etc) element m grzejny
    * * *
    1) (an essential part of anything: Sound teaching of grammar is one of the elements of a good education.) element
    2) (a substance that cannot be split by chemical means into simpler substances: Hydrogen, chlorine, iron and uranium are elements.) pierwiastek
    3) (surroundings necessary for life: Water is a fish's natural element.) żywioł
    4) (a slight amount: an element of doubt.) ziarnko, drobina
    5) (the heating part in an electric kettle etc.) grzałka
    - elements
    - in one's element

    English-Polish dictionary > element

  • 18 ether

    n ( CHEM)
    eter m
    * * *
    (a colourless liquid used to dissolve fats etc, and, medically, as an anaesthetic.) eter

    English-Polish dictionary > ether

  • 19 flask

    płaska butelka f, piersiówka f (inf); ( CHEM) kolba f; (also: vacuum flask) termos m
    * * *
    1) (a container in which drinks can be carried: a flask of whisky.) manierka, piersiówka
    2) (a vacuum flask: The workmen carried flasks of tea.) termos
    3) (a bottle, usually with a narrow neck.) kolba

    English-Polish dictionary > flask

  • 20 formula

    wzór m, formuła f; ( plan) recepta f, przepis m
    * * *
    plurals - formulae; noun
    1) (an arrangement of signs or letters used in chemistry, arithmetic etc to express an idea briefly: the formula for water is H2O.) wzór
    2) (a recipe or set of instructions for making something: The shampoo was made to a new formula.) przepis

    English-Polish dictionary > formula

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