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zoom effect

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  • zoom — [zo͞om] vi. [echoic] 1. to make a loud, low pitched, buzzing or humming sound 2. to move with a zooming sound 3. to climb in an airplane suddenly and sharply at an angle greater than normal, using the energy of momentum 4. to rise rapidly [prices …   English World dictionary

  • Zoom schwartz profigliano — or Figliano is a verbal tag game that has many variations. One player at a time is active ( it ). The active player states a command from a predefined set of words, which typically include zoom, schwartz, and profigliano. The command shifts… …   Wikipedia

  • Zoom — may refer to:* An example of onomatopoeia that indicates swiftness * Zoom lens and digital zoom, in photography and computer programs ** In motion picture production, a camera movement requiring a zoom lens ( zoom in/out ) ** Page zooming * Zoom… …   Wikipedia

  • Zoom burst — is a photographic technique, attainable with zoom lenses with a manual zoom ring. The term is sometimes attributed to Peter Bargh in his article [http://www.ephotozine.com/techniques/viewtechnique.cfm?recid=228 Creative zoom bursts technique] .… …   Wikipedia

  • Zoom Corporation — Infobox Company company name = Zoom Corporation company type = Private company slogan = Catch Us If You Can. foundation = Tokyo, Japan (1983) key people = Michihito Nozokido, president industry = Audio Equipment products = Multi effects, Amps,… …   Wikipedia

  • Zoom lens — Nikkor 28 200 mm zoom lens, extended to 200 mm at left and collapsed to 28 mm focal length at right A zoom lens is a mechanical assembly of lens elements for which the focal length (and thus angle of view) can be varied, as opposed to a fixed… …   Wikipedia

  • Zoom (comics) — Superherobox caption=Zoom, from the cover to The Flash (vol. 2) #197 (June 2003). Art by Scott Kolins. comic color=background:#8080ff character name=Zoom real name=Hunter Zolomon publisher=DC Comics debut= The Flash: Secret Files Origins #3… …   Wikipedia

  • Zoom — F/A/V An optical effect in which the image rapidly grows larger or smaller as though the camera is moving closer or away from its subject. VP This is the variance of focal length from wide angle to telephoto focus on video cameras to allow for a… …   Audio and video glossary

  • zoom — The action of a varifocal lens system in a camera or microscope that maintains an object in focus while approaching it or receding from it; this effect may be obtained by moving two or more of the lens components at rates bearing a linear …   Medical dictionary

  • zoom lens —    A lens in which the focal length can be adjusted over a wide range, giving the photographer, in effect, lenses of many focal lengths …   Forensic science glossary

  • Dolly zoom — A computer generated representation of a dolly zoom. This animation shows a dolly zoom being performed. At the top of the image we see the camera s view; the cubes stay the same size as the teapots in the ba …   Wikipedia

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