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to be subjected to pressure

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  • pressure balanced expansion joint — a pressure balanced expansion joint is designed to absorb axial movement and/or lateral deflection while restraining the pressure thrust by means of tie devices interconnecting the flow bellows with an opposed bellows also subjected to line… …   Mechanics glossary

  • pressure valve — noun A valve designed to open when subjected to a given amount of pressure. Also used figuratively. WikiLeaks might have provided a pressure valve for those agents who were terribly worried about what might happen and frustrated by their… …   Wiktionary

  • pressure area — an area subjected to excessive pressure with consequent displacement of tissue or fluid …   Medical dictionary

  • pressure capsule — The portion of the structure subjected to pressurization comprising the cabin and the cockpit. Some other areas of aircraft may also be pressurized. These would also constitute part of a pressure capsule. The shaded portions are pressurized …   Aviation dictionary

  • pressure vessel — noun : a container (as a tank, boiler, shell, cylinder) subjected in use to disruptive pressure …   Useful english dictionary

  • under pressure — adjective a) Being subjected to physical pressure Concrete is pretty strong, but will break under pressure. b) Subjected to pressure. We need people who can work under pressure in the army …   Wiktionary

  • high-pressure phenomena — ▪ physics Introduction       changes in physical, chemical, and structural characteristics that matter undergoes when subjected to high pressure. pressure thus serves as a versatile tool in materials research, and it is especially important in… …   Universalium

  • Copper units of pressure — or CUP, and the related lead units of pressure or LUP, are terms applied to pressure measurements used in the field of internal ballistics for the estimation of chamber pressures in firearms. These terms were adopted by convention to indicate… …   Wikipedia

  • High pressure — science and engineering is studying the effects of high pressure on materials and the design and construction of devices, such as a diamond anvil cell, which can create high pressure. By high pressure it is meant pressures of thousands (kilobars) …   Wikipedia

  • Electron degeneracy pressure — is a consequence of the Pauli exclusion principle, which states that two fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state at the same time. The force provided by this pressure sets a limit on how much matter can be squeezed together without it… …   Wikipedia

  • Standing Committee on Pressure Groups — The Standing Committee on Pressure Groups (SCOPG) was a secret committee set up in 1978 by the Hong Kong government to monitor the activities of pressure groups. The existence of this committee was first revealed in the New Statesman on December… …   Wikipedia

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