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  • 1 any

    ['eni] 1. pronoun, adjective
    1) (one, some, no matter which: `Which dress shall I wear?' `Wear any (dress)'; `Which dresses shall I pack?' `Pack any (dresses)'.) akýkoľvek
    2) ((in questions and negative sentences etc) one, some: John has been to some interesting places but I've never been to any; Have you been to any interesting places?; We have hardly any coffee left.) žiadny, nejaký
    2. adjective
    (every: Any schoolboy could tell you the answer.) každý
    3. adverb
    (at all; (even) by a small amount: Is this book any better than the last one?; His writing hasn't improved any.) o trochu; o nič
    - anyone
    - anyhow
    - anything
    - anyway
    - anywhere
    - at any rate
    - in any case
    * * *
    • žiadny
    • každý
    • nejaký
    • niektorý

    English-Slovak dictionary > any

  • 2 slot

    [slot] 1. noun
    1) (a small narrow opening, especially one to receive coins: I put the correct money in the slot, but the machine didn't start.) štrbina; (úzky) otvor
    2) (a (usually regular) position (in eg the schedule of television/radio programmes): The early-evening comedy slot.) programový blok
    2. verb
    ((with in or into) to fit (something) into a small space: He slotted the last piece of the puzzle into place; I managed to slot in my tea-break between two jobs.) vsunúť
    * * *
    • vybranie
    • výrez
    • výsek
    • žliabok
    • zárez
    • zásuvka
    • zdierka
    • štrbina
    • urobit štrbinu
    • urobit otvory
    • prepadlisko
    • drážka
    • flek
    • drážkovat
    • brázda
    • automat
    • programový blok
    • ryha
    • otvor
    • pozícia
    • miesto
    • medzera

    English-Slovak dictionary > slot

  • 3 hope

    [həup] 1. verb
    (to want something to happen and have some reason to believe that it will or might happen: He's very late, but we are still hoping he will come; I hope to be in London next month; We're hoping for some help from other people; It's unlikely that he'll come now, but we keep on hoping; `Do you think it will rain?' `I hope so/not'.) dúfať
    2. noun
    1) ((any reason or encouragement for) the state of feeling that what one wants will or might happen: He has lost all hope of becoming the president; He came to see me in the hope that I would help him; He has hopes of winning a scholarship; The rescuers said there was no hope of finding anyone alive in the mine.) nádej
    2) (a person, thing etc that one is relying on for help etc: He's my last hope - there is no-one else I can ask.) nádej
    3) (something hoped for: My hope is that he will get married and settle down soon.) nádej
    - hopefulness
    - hopefully
    - hopeless
    - hopelessly
    - hopelessness
    - hope against hope
    - hope for the best
    - not have a hope
    - not a hope
    - raise someone's hopes
    * * *
    • dúfat
    • nádej

    English-Slovak dictionary > hope

  • 4 pardon

    1. verb
    1) (to forgive: Pardon my asking, but can you help me?) prepáčiť
    2) (to free (from prison, punishment etc): The king pardoned the prisoners.) omilostiť
    2. noun
    1) (forgiveness: He prayed for pardon for his wickedness.) odpustenie
    2) (a (document) freeing from prison or punishment: He was granted a pardon.) amnestia
    3. interjection
    (used to indicate that one has not heard properly what was said: Pardon? Could you repeat that last sentence?) prosím?
    - I beg your pardon
    - pardon me
    * * *
    • prosím

    English-Slovak dictionary > pardon

  • 5 romance

    1) (the relationship, actions etc of people who are in love: It was a beautiful romance, but it didn't last.) milostné dobrodružstvo
    2) (a story about such a relationship etc, especially one in which the people, events etc are more exciting etc than in normal life: She writes romances.) dobrodružný / milostný román
    3) (this kind of excitement: She felt her life was lacking in romance.) romantika
    - romantically
    * * *
    • vymýšlat si
    • skladat príbehy
    • rytiersky román
    • stará francúzština
    • prehánanie
    • fantázia
    • fantastický príbeh
    • klamat
    • básnit
    • byt zamilovaný
    • bájit
    • chodit (s)
    • dobrodružstvo
    • dobrodružnost
    • dobrodružný
    • romantický nápad
    • románsky
    • romantická myšlienka
    • romantický
    • román
    • romantika
    • rozprávka
    • rozprávat rozprávky
    • písat príbehy
    • písat romance
    • kúzlo
    • láska
    • nadsádzka
    • milostný román
    • milostné dobrodružstvo
    • milostný
    • milostný pomer
    • milostný vztah

    English-Slovak dictionary > romance

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