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reset rate

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  • Reset Rate — The new percentage of interest that a mortgagor must pay on the principal of an adjustable rate mortgage when the reset date arrives and the prescheduled interest rate change goes into effect. The mortgage contract explains when the rate resets… …   Investment dictionary

  • Reset (finance) — Reset also known as fixing is a generic concept in the financial markets, meaning the determination and recording of a reference rate, usually in order to calculate the settlement value of a periodic payment schedule between two parties.Resets… …   Wikipedia

  • Reset — may refer to:*Reset (computing), to clear any pending errors or events and bring a system to normal condition or initial state *Reset (finance), a generic concept in the financial markets, meaning the determination and recording of a reference… …   Wikipedia

  • Reset Margin — The difference between the interest rate of a security and the index on which the security s interest rate is based. The reset margin will be positive, as it is always added to the underlying index. This feature is most common with a floating… …   Investment dictionary

  • Reset Date — The point in time when the initial fixed interest rate on an adjustable rate mortgage changes to an adjustable rate. This date is commonly one to five years from the start date of the mortgage. After the initial reset date, the interest rate will …   Investment dictionary

  • Rate-monotonic scheduling — In computer science, rate monotonic scheduling [citation|first1=C. L.|last1=Liu|authorlink1=Chung Laung Liu|first2=J.|last2=Layland|title=Scheduling algorithms for multiprogramming in a hard real time environment|journal=Journal of the ACM|volume …   Wikipedia

  • reset date — The point in time when the coupon rate for a variable rate or floating rate financial instrument is re established to reflect changes in a benchmark index. Reset dates are typically monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually. See index.… …   Financial and business terms

  • reset cap — The maximum amount by which an adjustable rate security s coupon rate can change in any given period of time. Also called the periodic cap. For most ARMs and floaters, the maximum periodic or reset change is defined as an amount of change in each …   Financial and business terms

  • Reset frequency — The frequency with which the floating rate changes. The New York Times Financial Glossary …   Financial and business terms

  • reset frequency — The frequency with which the floating rate changes. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • Auction rate security — An auction rate security (ARS) typically refers to a debt instrument (corporate or municipal bonds) with a long term nominal maturity for which the interest rate is regularly reset through a dutch auction. It could also refer to a preferred stock …   Wikipedia

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