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quadratic transformation

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  • Möbius transformation/Proofs — Fixed PointsThe article claims that for c e 0, the two roots are :gamma = frac{(a d) pm sqrt{(a d)^2 + 4 c b{2 c}of the quadratic equation:c gamma^2 (a d) gamma b = 0 ,which follows from the fixed point equation : gamma=agamma +b}over {cgamma +d… …   Wikipedia

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  • Cremona group — In mathematics, in birational geometry, the Cremona group (named for Luigi Cremona) of order n over a field k is the group of birational automorphisms of the n dimensional projective space over k. It is denoted by Cr(Pn(k)) or Bir(Pn(k)) or… …   Wikipedia

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