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primary magma

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  • Magma — For other uses, see Magma (disambiguation). Lava flow on Hawaii. Lava is the extrusive equivalent of magma. Magma (from Greek μάγμα paste ) is a mixture of molten rock, volatiles and solids[1] …   Wikipedia

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  • Igneous differentiation — In geology, igneous differentiation is an umbrella term for the various processes by which magmas undergo bulk chemical change during the partial melting process, cooling, emplacement or eruption. Contents 1 Definitions 1.1 Primary melts 1.2… …   Wikipedia

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  • Mauna Kea — with its seasonal snow cap visible Elevation 4,205 m (13,796  …   Wikipedia

  • tho|lei|ite — «THOH lee yt», noun. a form of basalt, usually containing quartz and alkalic feldspar: »The tholeiites represent the primary magma generated in the upper mantle beneath the oceans (Lawrence Ogden). ╂[< German Tholeiit < Tholei, a village in …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Ignimbrite — is a volcanic pyroclastic rock, often of dacitic or rhyolitic composition. Ignimbrite is the deposit of a pumice rich pyroclastic density current, or pyroclastic flow , a hot suspension of particles and gases that flows rapidly from a volcano,… …   Wikipedia

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