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  • 661 memento

    n. påminnelse; minnesbön
    * * *
    plural - memento(e)s; noun
    (something kept or given as a reminder or souvenir: They gave her a small gift as a memento.) minne[]

    English-Swedish dictionary > memento

  • 662 memorandum

    n. PM, meddelande
    * * *
    plurals memorandums, memoranda [-dF] (often abbreviated to memo ['memou] - plural memos) - noun
    1) (a note to help one to remember: He wrote a memo; ( also adjective) a memo pad.) minnesanteckning
    2) (a written statement about a particular matter, often passed around between colleagues: a memorandum on Thursday's meeting.) PM, promemoria

    English-Swedish dictionary > memorandum

  • 663 memory

    n. minne; minnesförmåga; huvuddelen samt den snabbaste delen för datalagring i en dator (data)
    * * *
    plural - memories; noun
    1) (the power to remember things: a good memory for details.) minne
    2) (the mind's store of remembered things: Her memory is full of interesting stories.) minne
    3) (something remembered: memories of her childhood.) minne
    4) (the time as far back as can be remembered: the greatest fire in memory.) mannaminne
    5) (a part of computer in which information is stored for immediate use; a computer with 8 megabytes of memory)
    - memorise
    - from memory
    - in memory of / to the memory of

    English-Swedish dictionary > memory

  • 664 mercy

    n. barmhärtighet, förbarmande; nåd; mildhet, godhet
    * * *
    plural - mercies; noun
    1) (kindness towards a person, especially an enemy, who is in one's power: He showed his enemies no mercy.) barmhärtighet, förbarmande, nåd
    2) (a piece of good luck or something for which one should be grateful: It was a mercy that it didn't rain.) tur, välsignelse
    - mercifully
    - merciless
    - mercilessly
    - at the mercy of
    - have mercy on

    English-Swedish dictionary > mercy

  • 665 mesh

    n. nät; maska (i nät); fångst i nätet; invecklad form
    v. snärja, snara; snärja sig; trassla in sig; fånga i nät; stämma överens, gå ihop (med varandra)
    * * *
    [meʃ] 1. noun
    1) ((one of) the openings between the threads of a net: a net of (a) very fine (= small) mesh.) maska
    2) ((often in plural) a network: A fly was struggling in the meshes of the spider's web.) nät[]
    2. verb
    ((of teeth on eg gear wheels) to become engaged with each other: The teeth on these two cogwheels mesh when they go round.) gripa in i varann

    English-Swedish dictionary > mesh

  • 666 metamorphosis

    n. metamorfos, förvandling
    * * *
    plural - metamorphoses; noun
    ((a) marked change of form, appearance, character etc: a caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly.) metamorfos, förvandling

    English-Swedish dictionary > metamorphosis

  • 667 midwife

    n. barnmorska
    v. barnmorska, förlossningshjälp
    * * *
    plural - midwives; noun
    (a person (usually a trained nurse) who helps at the birth of children.) barnmorska

    English-Swedish dictionary > midwife

  • 668 millennium

    n. årtusende
    * * *
    plural - millennia; noun
    (a period of a thousand years: Almost two millennia have passed since the birth of Christ.) millennium, årtusende

    English-Swedish dictionary > millennium

  • 669 ministry

    n. ministär, regering; ministerium; ministerämbete; prästämbete
    * * *
    plural - ministries; noun
    1) (the profession, duties or period of service of a minister of religion: His ministry lasted for fifteen years.) prästtjänst, -ämbete
    2) (a department of government or the building where its employees work: the Transport Ministry.) departement, ministerium

    English-Swedish dictionary > ministry

  • 670 minute

    adj. mycket liten, minimal; hårfin; precis, exakt; för omedelbar förberedelse (kött)
    n. minut; ögonblick; anteckning, protokoll, memorandum
    v. föra anteckningar; föra protokoll
    * * *
    I ['minit] noun
    1) (the sixtieth part of an hour; sixty seconds: It is twenty minutes to eight; The journey takes thirty minutes; a ten-minute delay.) minut
    2) (in measuring an angle, the sixtieth part of a degree; sixty seconds: an angle of 47° 50′ (= forty-seven degrees, fifty minutes).) minut
    3) (a very short time: Wait a minute; It will be done in a minute.) ögonblick, slag
    4) (a particular point in time: At that minute, the telephone rang.) just då, i samma stund
    5) ((in plural) the notes taken at a meeting recording what was said: The chairman asked for this decision to be recorded in the minutes.) protokoll
    - the minute that
    - the minute
    - to the minute
    - up to the minute
    II adjective
    1) (very small: The diamonds in the brooch were minute.) ytterst liten, minimal
    2) (paying attention to the smallest details: minute care.) minutiös, ytterst noggrann
    - minuteness

    English-Swedish dictionary > minute

  • 671 miscellany

    n. samling blandade skrifter, antologi
    * * *
    [mi'seləni, ]( American[) 'misəleini]
    - plural miscellanies - noun (a collection or mixture of things.) blandning, samling

    English-Swedish dictionary > miscellany

  • 672 misery

    n. elände, olycka, bedrövelse, förtvivlan, misär, nöd, armod
    * * *
    plural - miseries; noun
    ((something that causes) unhappiness: the misery of the fatherless children; Forget your miseries and come out with me!) elände, bedrövelse

    English-Swedish dictionary > misery

  • 673 misgiving

    n. farhåga, misstanke, tvivel, betänkligheter
    * * *
    ((especially in plural) (a feeling of) fear or doubt.) farhåga, onda aningar

    English-Swedish dictionary > misgiving

  • 674 missionary

    adj. missions-, missionär- (angående anskaffande av anhängare, som har för avsikt att sprida en övertygelse som är religiös eller annat)
    n. missionär (person utsänd för att sprida lära, utsänd från den kristna kyrkan, rekryterad följare)
    * * *
    plural - missionaries; noun (a person who is sent to teach and spread a particular religion.) missionär

    English-Swedish dictionary > missionary

  • 675 monarchy

    n. monarki, kungadöme, kunglighet
    * * *
    plural - monarchies; noun ((a country etc that has) government by a monarch.) monarki

    English-Swedish dictionary > monarchy

  • 676 monastery

    n. kloster, munkkloster
    * * *
    plural - monasteries; noun
    (a house in which a community of monks lives.) munkkloster

    English-Swedish dictionary > monastery

  • 677 monopoly

    n. monopol, ensamrätt
    * * *
    plural - monopolies; noun
    (the sole right of making or selling something etc: This firm has a local monopoly of soap-manufacturing.) monopol, ensamrätt
    - monopolise

    English-Swedish dictionary > monopoly

  • 678 mortuary

    adj. begravnings-
    n. bårhus
    * * *
    [mo: uəri]
    plural - mortuaries; noun
    (a building or room eg in a hospital, where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation.) bårhus

    English-Swedish dictionary > mortuary

  • 679 mosquito

    n. mygga
    * * *
    plural - mosquito(e)s; noun
    (any of several types of small insect, which suck blood from animals and people and in this way transmit diseases such as malaria.) moskit, stickmygga

    English-Swedish dictionary > mosquito

  • 680 moth

    n. mal, mott
    * * *
    plural - moths; noun
    1) (any of a large number of insects, rather like butterflies but with wider bodies, seen mostly at night and attracted by light.) nattfjäril
    2) (a clothes moth: The moths have been at my evening dress.) mal
    - mothball
    - moth-eaten

    English-Swedish dictionary > moth

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