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  • 641 lottery

    n. lotteri; lott; tur, öde
    * * *
    plural - lotteries; noun
    (the sharing out of money or prizes won by chance, through drawing lots: They held a public lottery in aid of charity.) lotteri

    English-Swedish dictionary > lottery

  • 642 louse

    n. lus; bladlus; parasit
    v. sabba (slang); förvirra (slang); avlusa
    * * *
    I plural - lice; noun
    (a type of wingless, blood-sucking insect, sometimes found on the bodies of animals and people.) lus
    - lousiness II verb
    ((with up) (slang) to spoil or waste something; to make a mess of thing: It's your last chance; don't louse it up; He loused up again.) fördärva

    English-Swedish dictionary > louse

  • 643 lullaby

    n. vaggvisa
    * * *
    plural - lullabies; noun
    (a song sung to make children go to sleep.) vaggvisa

    English-Swedish dictionary > lullaby

  • 644 lunatic

    adj. galen, vansinnig; sinnessjuk; tokig
    n. galning, dåre; sinnessjuk; sömngångare
    * * *
    adjective, noun (( abbreviation (usually unkind) loony ['lu:ni] - plural loonies) (a person who is) insane or crazy: Only a lunatic would do such a thing!) galning, dåre

    English-Swedish dictionary > lunatic

  • 645 luxury

    adj. lyx-
    n. lyx, överflöd; lyxliv; godsaker, njutning
    * * *
    plural - luxuries; noun
    1) (great comfort usually amongst expensive things: They live in luxury; ( also adjective) gold jewellery and other luxury goods.) lyx, överflöd
    2) (something pleasant but not necessary, and often rare and expensive: We're going to give up all those luxuries and only spend money on essentials.) lyx[]
    - luxuriously
    - luxuriousness

    English-Swedish dictionary > luxury

  • 646 lyric

    adj. lyrisk; poetisk, som uttrycker sina känslor
    n. lyrisk dikt; lyrik
    * * *
    ['lirik] 1. adjective
    ((of poetry) expressing the poet's personal feeling.) lyrisk
    2. noun
    1) (a lyric poem.) lyrisk dikt
    2) ((in plural) the words of a song: The tune is good, but I don't like the lyrics.) []text

    English-Swedish dictionary > lyric

  • 647 madman

    n. dåre
    * * *
    plural - madmen; noun (a person who is insane: He drove/fought like a madman.) galning, vettvilling

    English-Swedish dictionary > madman

  • 648 maestro

    n. maestro, mästare
    * * *
    plural - maestros; noun
    ((a title given to) a master in one of the arts, especially a musical composer or conductor.) maestro, mästare

    English-Swedish dictionary > maestro

  • 649 majesty

    n. majestät, kunglighet, storhet
    * * *
    plural - majesties; noun
    1) (greatness; impressive dignity: the majesty of God.) majestät
    2) ((with capital: with His, Your etc) a title used when speaking to or of a king or queen: Her Majesty the Queen: Their Majesties: Your Majesty.) Hans (Hennes, Ers) Majestät
    - majestically

    English-Swedish dictionary > majesty

  • 650 majority

    adj. majoritets-
    n. majoritet, flertal; myndig ålder; majorsgrad
    * * *
    1) (the greater number: the majority of people.) majoritet
    2) (the difference between a greater and a smaller number: The Democratic Party won by/with a majority of six hundred votes.) majoritet, röstövervikt

    English-Swedish dictionary > majority

  • 651 malady

    n. sjukdom, sjuka; värk
    * * *
    plural - maladies; noun
    (an illness or disease: He is suffering from some strange malady.) sjukdom

    English-Swedish dictionary > malady

  • 652 man

    n. människa, person; man, karl; pjäs, bricka (i spel)
    v. bemanna; befolka; uppmuntra, uppmuntras
    * * *
    [mæn] 1. plural - men; noun
    1) (an adult male human being: Hundreds of men, women and children; a four-man team.) man, karl
    2) (human beings taken as a whole; the human race: the development of man.) människa
    3) (obviously masculine male person: He's independent, tough, strong, brave - a real man!) [] karl
    4) (a word sometimes used in speaking informally or giving commands to someone: Get on with your work, man, and stop complaining!) människa, karl
    5) (an ordinary soldier, who is not an officer: officers and men.) menig
    6) (a piece used in playing chess or draughts: I took three of his men in one move.) pjäs, bricka
    2. verb
    (to supply with men (especially soldiers): The colonel manned the guns with soldiers from our regiment.) bemanna
    - - man
    - manhood
    - mankind
    - manly
    - manliness
    - manned
    - man-eating
    - man-eater
    - manhandle
    - manhole
    - man-made
    - manpower
    - manservant
    - mansized
    - mansize
    - manslaughter
    - menfolk
    - menswear
    - as one man
    - the man in the street
    - man of letters
    - man of the world
    - man to man
    - to a man

    English-Swedish dictionary > man

  • 653 mango

    n. mango (frukt, fruktträd)
    * * *
    plural - mango(e)s; noun
    1) (the yellowish fruit of an Indian tropical tree.) mango
    2) ((also mango tree) the tree.) mangoträd

    English-Swedish dictionary > mango

  • 654 manifesto

    n. manifestation, uppenbarande
    * * *
    plural - manifesto(e)s; noun
    (a public usually written announcement of policies and intentions, especially by a political party: the socialist manifesto.) manifest, partiprogram

    English-Swedish dictionary > manifesto

  • 655 manner

    n. beteende, uppträdande; sätt, stil; vana, sed; (gott) uppförande
    * * *
    1) (a way in which anything is done etc: She greeted me in a friendly manner.) sätt, vis
    2) (the way in which a person behaves, speaks etc: I don't like her manner.) sätt [], beteende
    3) ((in plural) (polite) behaviour, usually towards others: Why doesn't she teach her children (good) manners?) gott uppförande, hyfs
    - mannerism
    - all manner of
    - in a manner of speaking

    English-Swedish dictionary > manner

  • 656 manservant

    n. betjänt
    * * *
    plural - menservants; noun (a male servant (especially one employed as a valet): He has only one manservant.) betjänt

    English-Swedish dictionary > manservant

  • 657 marksman

    n. skicklig skytt
    * * *
    - plural marksmen - noun (a person who shoots well: The police marksman did not kill the criminal - he wounded him in the leg to prevent him escaping.) prickskytt

    English-Swedish dictionary > marksman

  • 658 meadow

    n. äng, betesmark, betesäng
    * * *
    ((often in plural) a field of grass, usually on low ground: There were cows in the meadow.) äng

    English-Swedish dictionary > meadow

  • 659 medium

    adj. medium, medel-, mellan-
    n. medium, hjälpmedel; uttrycksmedel; förmedlare; medium (i spiritism)
    * * *
    ['mi:diəm] 1. plurals - media; noun
    1) (something by or through which an effect is produced: Air is the medium through which sound is carried.) medium, medel
    2) ((especially in plural) a means (especially radio, television and newspapers) by which news etc is made known: the news media.) massmedia
    3) (a person through whom spirits of dead people are said to speak: I know a medium who says she can communicate with Napoleon.) medium
    4) (a substance in which specimens are preserved, bacteria grown etc.) miljö
    2. adjective
    (middle or average in size, quality etc: Would you like the small, medium or large packet?) medium

    English-Swedish dictionary > medium

  • 660 melody

    n. melodi, välljud, musik
    * * *
    plural - melodies; noun
    1) (a tune: He played Irish melodies on the harp.) melodi
    2) (the principal part in a piece of harmonized music: The sopranos sang the melody, and the other voices added the harmony.) melodi
    - melodious
    - melodiously
    - melodiousness

    English-Swedish dictionary > melody

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