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  • 621 kilogram(me)

    (often abbreviated to kilo ['ki:lou] - plural kilos) noun
    (a unit of weight equal to 1,000 gram(me)s.) kilogram

    English-Swedish dictionary > kilogram(me)

  • 622 kitty

    n. kattunge; gemensam kassa; pott, insats (i kortspel)
    * * *
    plural - kitties; noun
    ((a container holding) a sum of money kept for a particular purpose, to which members of a group jointly contribute: The three friends shared a flat and kept a kitty for buying food.) kassa

    English-Swedish dictionary > kitty

  • 623 knife

    n. kniv
    v. knivhugga, knivskära
    * * *
    1. plural - knives; noun
    1) (an instrument for cutting: He carved the meat with a large knife.) kniv
    2) (such an instrument used as a weapon: She stabbed him with a knife.) kniv
    2. verb
    (to stab with a knife: He knifed her in the back.) knivhugga, knivskära

    English-Swedish dictionary > knife

  • 624 landlord

    n. husägare; värd; jordägare; hyresvärd; uthyrare; värdshusvärd; godsägare
    * * *
    1) (a person who has tenants or lodgers: My landlady has just put up my rent.) hyresvärd
    2) (a person who keeps a public house: The landlord of the `Swan' is Mr Smith.) värdshusvärd

    English-Swedish dictionary > landlord

  • 625 larva

    n. larv (zoologi)
    * * *
    plural - larvae; noun
    (a developing insect in its first stage after coming out of the egg; a grub or caterpillar.) larv

    English-Swedish dictionary > larva

  • 626 lasso

    n. lasso; fånga med lasso; lasso, grafiskt verktyg som tilllåter frihandsval av olika delar av en bild (data)
    v. fånga med lasso
    * * *
    [læ'su:] 1. plural - lasso(e)s; noun
    (a long rope with a loop which tightens when the rope is pulled, used for catching wild horses etc.) lasso
    2. verb
    (to catch with a lasso: The cowboy lassoed the horse.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > lasso

  • 627 laundry

    n. tvätt, tvättkläder; tvättinrättning; tvättstuga
    * * *
    plural - laundries; noun
    1) (a place where clothes etc are washed, especially in return for payment: She took the sheets to the laundry; a hospital laundry.) tvätteri
    2) (clothes etc which have been, or are to be, washed: a bundle of laundry.) tvätt

    English-Swedish dictionary > laundry

  • 628 lavatory

    n. toalett, WC; tvättrum; handfat
    * * *
    plural - lavatories; noun
    ((a room containing) a receptacle for waste matter from the body.) toalett, WC

    English-Swedish dictionary > lavatory

  • 629 lay-by

    plural - lay-bys; noun (especially in Britain, a short extra part at the side of a road for people to stop their cars in, out of the way of the traffic.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > lay-by

  • 630 leaf

    n. löv; blad; blad (i bok); tunt blad; folie; metallfolie; klaff, skiva
    v. bläddra igenom, bläddra; blomma; blomstra
    * * *
    plural - leaves; noun
    1) (a part of a plant growing from the side of a stem, usually green, flat and thin, but of various shapes depending on the plant: Many trees lose their leaves in autumn.) löv, blad
    2) (something thin like a leaf, especially the page of a book: Several leaves had been torn out of the book.) blad
    3) (an extra part of a table, either attached to one side with a hinge or added to the centre when the two ends are apart.) klaff, skiva
    - leafy
    - turn over a new leaf

    English-Swedish dictionary > leaf

  • 631 legacy

    n. legat, arv, arvegods; fädernearv; tilldelande
    * * *
    plural - legacies; noun
    (something left in a will by someone who has died: He was left a legacy by his great-aunt.) arv, testamentarisk gåva

    English-Swedish dictionary > legacy

  • 632 library

    n. bibliotek; samling av olika program och kommandon för programbyggning från ursprungskod till ett programmeringsspråk (data); katalog (data)
    * * *
    plural - libraries; noun
    ((a building or room containing) a collection of books, tapes, videos etc: He works in the public library; She has a fine library of books about art.) bibliotek

    English-Swedish dictionary > library

  • 633 life

    adj. liv-, livs-; för livet
    n. liv; själ; livlighet, vitalitet; tillvaro, levnadssätt; levnadsteckning, biografi; livslängd; livstid (fängelsestraff)
    * * *
    plural - lives; noun
    1) (the quality belonging to plants and animals which distinguishes them from rocks, minerals etc and things which are dead: Doctors are fighting to save the child's life.) liv
    2) (the period between birth and death: He had a long and happy life.) liv
    3) (liveliness: She was full of life and energy.) liv, livlighet
    4) (a manner of living: She lived a life of ease and idleness.) liv, leverne
    5) (the period during which any particular state exists: He had many different jobs during his working life.) liv
    6) (living things: It is now believed that there may be life on Mars; animal life.) liv
    7) (the story of a life: He has written a life of Churchill.) levnadsteckning
    8) (life imprisonment: He was given life for murder.) livstid
    - lifelike
    - life-and-death
    - lifebelt
    - lifeboat
    - lifebuoy
    - life-cycle
    - life expectancy
    - lifeguard
    - life-jacket
    - lifeline
    - lifelong
    - life-saving
    - life-sized
    - life-size
    - lifetime
    - as large as life
    - bring to life
    - come to life
    - for life
    - the life and soul of the party
    - not for the life of me
    - not on your life!
    - take life
    - take one's life
    - take one's life in one's hands
    - to the life

    English-Swedish dictionary > life

  • 634 lily

    adj. vit, ren
    n. lilja (sorts blomma)
    * * *
    plural - lilies; noun
    (a type of tall plant grown from a bulb, with white or coloured flowers.) lilja

    English-Swedish dictionary > lily

  • 635 lira

    n. lira (italienskt mynt)
    * * *
    plural - lire; noun
    1) (the standard unit of money in Italy before euro.) lira
    2) (the standard unit of money in Turkey.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > lira

  • 636 loaf

    n. brödlimpa; köttlimpa; huvud (kål, sallad); huvud, skalle
    v. slå dank, gå och dra, stå och hänga
    * * *
    I [ləuf] plural - loaves; noun
    (a shaped mass of bread: a sliced loaf.) limpa
    II [ləuf] verb
    (with about or around) to pass time without doing anything in particular: They were loafing about (the street). slå dank, slöa

    English-Swedish dictionary > loaf

  • 637 lobby

    n. lobby; hall; entré; korridor; gång
    v. öva påtryckningar på, bedriva korridorspolitik
    * * *
    ['lobi] 1. plural - lobbies; noun
    1) (a (small) entrance-hall: a hotel lobby.) vestibul, lobby, foajé
    2) (a group of people who try to influence the Government etc in a certain way or for a certain purpose.) lobby
    2. verb
    (to try to influence (the Government etc).) utöva påtryckning, ägna sig åt lobbyverksamhet

    English-Swedish dictionary > lobby

  • 638 locality

    n. lokalitet, plats; trakt; ort
    * * *
    - plural localities - noun (a district: Public transport is a problem in this locality.) ställe, trakt, ort

    English-Swedish dictionary > locality

  • 639 lock

    n. lås; klinka, dörrklinka; spärr, säkring; hårlock; inlåsning, instängning
    v. låsa; stänga; låsa in; spärra in; spärra, säkra; omfamna; omsluta; omslingra
    * * *
    I 1. [lok] noun
    1) (a mechanism for fastening doors etc: He put the key in the lock.) lås
    2) (a closed part of a canal for raising or lowering boats to a higher or lower part of the canal.) sluss
    3) (the part of a gun by which it is fired.) lås, avfyrningsmekanism
    4) (a tight hold (in wrestling etc).) lås
    2. verb
    (to fasten or become fastened with a lock: She locked the drawer; This door doesn't lock.) låsa, gå i lås
    - locket
    - locksmith
    - lock in
    - lock out
    - lock up
    II [lok] noun
    1) (a piece of hair: She cut off a lock of his hair.) lock
    2) ((in plural) hair: curly brown locks.) lockar

    English-Swedish dictionary > lock

  • 640 lolly

    1) (a lollipop, or a similar type of sweet made of ice-cream etc: an ice-lolly.) slickepinne, []glasspinne
    2) (a slang word for money.) stålar

    English-Swedish dictionary > lolly

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