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  • 541 frailty

    n. bräcklighet, sprödhet; slapphet, svaghet, kraftlöshet; karaktärssvaghet
    * * *
    plural - frailties; noun (physical weakness or (a) moral failing: She loved him in spite of his frailties.) svaghet, brist, fel

    English-Swedish dictionary > frailty

  • 542 fraternity

    n. broderskap; union; studentförening (i USA); vänskaplighet; broderlighet
    * * *
    plural - fraternities; noun
    1) (a company of people who regard each other as equals, eg monks.) brödraskap
    2) (a company of people with the same interest, job etc: the banking fraternity.) samfund, förening, gille
    3) ((American) a society of male students in various universities.) studentförening

    English-Swedish dictionary > fraternity

  • 543 frenzy

    n. vanvett, ursinne, utbrott
    v. göra vanvettig, göra vansinnig
    * * *
    plural - frenzies; noun
    (a state of great excitement, fear etc: She waited in a frenzy of anxiety.)
    - frenziedly

    English-Swedish dictionary > frenzy

  • 544 frequency

    n. täthet, tät förekomst, vanlighet; talrikhet
    * * *
    plural - frequencies; noun
    1) (the state of happening often: The frequency of her visits surprised him.) tät förekomst, ideligt upprepande
    2) ((in electricity, radio etc) the number of waves, vibrations etc per second: At what frequency does the sound occur?) frekvens, svängningstal
    3) (a set wavelength on which radio stations regularly broadcast: I regularly listen to this frequency in order to hear my favourite music.) frekvens

    English-Swedish dictionary > frequency

  • 545 fresco

    n. fresk, väggmålning
    v. måla al freso
    * * *
    plural - fresco(e)s; noun
    (a picture painted on a wall while the plaster is still wet.) fresk

    English-Swedish dictionary > fresco

  • 546 frill

    n. grannlåt, krusiduller; tinnlockar (som religiösa judiska män bär); påklädande av utstyrsel
    v. förse med krås; vecka, krusa
    * * *
    1) (a decorative edging to a piece of cloth, made of a strip of cloth gathered along one side and sewn on: She sewed a frill along the bottom of the skirt.) krås, veckad remsa
    2) ((often in plural) something unnecessary added as decoration: the frills of business (= having expensive dinners etc).) grannlåter, flärd, choser, krusiduller
    - frilly

    English-Swedish dictionary > frill

  • 547 frivolity

    n. lättsinne; nonsens, dumhet
    * * *
    1) (frivolousness: The frivolity of his behaviour.) lättsinne, ytlighet
    2) (a frivolous action or thought: I have no time for frivolities.) futtighet, bagatell

    English-Swedish dictionary > frivolity

  • 548 fury

    n. raseri, ursinne, ilska; stormens raseri, våldsamhet, raserianfall
    * * *
    plural - furies; noun
    (very great anger; rage: She was in a terrible fury.) raseri, ursinne
    - like fury

    English-Swedish dictionary > fury

  • 549 galaxy

    n. galax (stjärnsystem); lysande samling (med vackra kvinnor, kändisar etc.)
    * * *
    plural - galaxies; noun
    1) (a very large group of stars.) galax
    2) (a large group of famous, impressive etc people, things etc: a galaxy of entertainers; a galaxy of new cars.) lysande samling

    English-Swedish dictionary > galaxy

  • 550 gallery

    n. galleri; (gruv) gång; översta rad (på teater); hall (huvudsakligen utställningshall)
    * * *
    ['ɡæləri] 1. plural - galleries; noun
    1) (a large room or building in which paintings, statues etc are on show: an art gallery.) konstgalleri, konstmuseum
    2) (an upper floor of seats in a church, theatre etc, especially (in a theatre) the top floor.) läktare
    2. adjective
    gallery seats.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > gallery

  • 551 gantry

    n. ställning; underlag (för tunna); ställning (för tunna)
    * * *
    plural - gantries; noun
    (a bridge-like structure which supports a crane, railway signals etc.) kranportal, signalbrygga

    English-Swedish dictionary > gantry

  • 552 gardens

    noun singular or plural (a park, especially one where animals are kept or special trees or flowers are grown: zoological/botanical gardens.) park, trädgård

    English-Swedish dictionary > gardens

  • 553 gear

    n. kopplingsmekanism; växel; verktyg; kläder (slang)
    v. gripa in kugghjul; förse med utväxling; koppla in (på bil); utrusta
    * * *
    1) ((usually in plural) a set of toothed wheels which act together to carry motion: a car with automatic gears.) kugghjul, drev, växel
    2) (a combination of these wheels, eg in a car: The car is in first gear.) växel
    3) (a mechanism used for a particular purpose: an aeroplane's landing-gear.) mekanism
    4) (the things needed for a particular job, sport etc: sports gear.) utrustning
    - gear lever/change/stick

    English-Swedish dictionary > gear

  • 554 genealogy

    n. genealogi, släktforskning; stamtavla
    * * *
    1) (noun the history of families from generation to generation: the genealogy of the royal house of Tudor.) genealogi, släktforskning
    2) (a plan, list etc of the ancestors of a person or family.) stamtavla, ättlängd
    - genealogist

    English-Swedish dictionary > genealogy

  • 555 genius

    n. genialitet; begåvning; geni; naturlig fallenhet; skyddsande
    * * *
    plural - geniuses; noun
    (a person who is very clever: The new professor of mathematics has been described as a genius.) geni

    English-Swedish dictionary > genius

  • 556 gentleman

    n. gentleman; adelsman
    * * *
    plural - gentlemen; noun
    ( abbreviation gent)
    1) (a polite word for a man: Two gentlemen arrived this morning.) herre
    2) (a polite, well-mannered man: He's a real gentleman.) gentleman
    - gents

    English-Swedish dictionary > gentleman

  • 557 ghetto

    n. getto (stadsdel där de flesta invånare hör till samma etniska minoritet; förr i tiden-stängt judiskt kvarter)
    * * *
    plural - ghetto(e)s; noun
    (a (poor) part of a city etc in which a certain group of people (especially immigrants) lives: Large cities like New York have many ghettoes.) getto

    English-Swedish dictionary > ghetto

  • 558 glory

    n. ryktbarhet; ära; härlighet; salighet; prakt
    v. sätta sin ära i något; jubla över något
    * * *
    ['ɡlo:ri] 1. plural - glories; noun
    1) (fame or honour: glory on the field of battle; He took part in the competition for the glory of the school.) ära
    2) (a source of pride, fame etc: This building is one of the many glories of Venice.) prydnad, stolthet
    3) (the quality of being magnificent: The sun rose in all its glory.) härlighet, prakt, glans
    2. verb
    (to take great pleasure in: He glories in his work as an architect.) glädja sig åt
    - glorification
    - glorious
    - gloriously

    English-Swedish dictionary > glory

  • 559 glossary

    n. glossarium; termordlista; termlista
    * * *
    - plural glossaries - noun (a list of words etc with their meanings: a glossary of technical terms; a Shakespeare glossary.) ordlista, ordbok

    English-Swedish dictionary > glossary

  • 560 goldfish

    n. guldfisk
    * * *
    plural - goldfish; noun (a small golden-yellow fish often kept as a pet: The child kept a goldfish in a bowl.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > goldfish

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